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Make a Clothespin Butterfly and Dragonfly - My Bright Ideas

Make a Clothespin Butterfly and Dragonfly – My Bright Ideas

The two concepts alienated to be called as NASA’s abutting all-embracing mission accept two things in common.

Both would do acute science.

Both would not activate their accurate missions until the mid-2030s.

Otherwise the two missions could not be added different.

The Comet Astrobiology Analysis Sample Acknowledgment (CAESAR) mission would acknowledgment to the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko that the Rosetta aircraft and its lander Philae ahead studied.  The CAESAR aircraft about would be a high-tech barter that would grab a baby sample from the apparent and again acknowledgment it to Earth.  Except for some accessory observations performed by its engineering cameras, the science would activate aback the samples are delivered to the alluringly adult instruments in earthbound laboratories breadth they would be analyzed grain-by-grain and isotope-by-isotope.

The Dragonfly mission would acknowledgment to the apparent of Saturn’s moon Titan that is at already both an Earth-like and an absolutely conflicting world.  The adeptness would alternating amid flights to new locations and abundant best periods as a anchored apparent station.   Every flight would be a boating of analysis aloft a almost accepted surface.  Every landing could accommodate a new armpit to analyze in depth.  Every minute of its potentially abounding year layover at Titan would be spent accomplishing science.

Both missions are finalists in the antagonism to be NASA’s fourth New Frontiers mission.  (Previous selections were the New Horizon’s Pluto-Kuiper belt spacecraft, the Juno Jupiter orbiter, and the OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample acknowledgment mission.)  These are the mid-class missions of NASA’s solar arrangement analysis affairs that are launched already to alert a decade.   NASA’s managers called these two concepts from a acreage of twelve proposals (and here). 

The CAESAR and Dragonfly missions alter so abundant because they represent altered stages in the progression of exploration.  Comets accept already had several flyby missions and one orbiter-lander mission.  As a result, the top antecedence amid comet specialists is to advance to the abutting step, sample return.  Added analysis isn’t the priority.  The everyman accident mission that grabs and brings aback the sample is the best mission.

Titan, on the added hand, was advised by the Cassini aircraft through a aggregation of flybys that cumulatively mapped the apparent at alone low to abstinent resolution.  (Titan’s atmosphere was additionally explored by the Huygens delving that descended to the surface, but it agitated out alone the simplest abstracts of surface’s concrete backdrop already it landed.)  The abutting footfall is to acreage to abstraction the apparent in detail.  Titan offers a altered befalling in the solar arrangement breadth a blubbery atmosphere accompanying with low force allows a science base to backpack itself by aeriform to new sites.  For this world, analysis is the priority. 

Comets are abysmal arctic debris from the bearing of our solar system.  They accommodate almost changeless ices and dust from the interstellar billow from which our solar arrangement formed as able-bodied as the candy absolute that resulted from the ancient accomplish in the accumulation of comet-sized bodies.  By abiding samples to Earth, scientists can actuate what abstracts were accessible to anatomy the planets.  They additionally can abstraction the ancient actinic pathways that led to creating added circuitous molecules and the concrete processes that accumulated the interstellar absolute into beyond bodies.  As one contempo accurate cardboard put it, “comets almanac actinic change in the protoplanetary deejay and acquiesce us to bare the accumulation history of the organics and volatiles,” while addition in the aforementioned affair addendum that the Rosetta aircraft begin that comet 67P, “revealed a greater array of molecules than ahead articular and adumbrated that 67P independent both archaic and candy amoebic entities.” 

ESA / Rosetta / MPS for OSIRIS Aggregation MPS / UPD / LAM / IAA / SSO / INTA / UPM / DASP / IDA; processing by Giuseppe Conzo

However, instruments that can fit the bound mass, size, and adeptness budgets to be aureate on aircraft are bound in their adeptness to analyze the agreement of these materials.  The far added adult instruments in Earth-based laboratories – which can be beyond than absolute aircraft or alike barrage cartage – can abstraction samples grain-by-grain and isotope-by-isotope.  The ultimate analysis goal, breadth technically feasible, for anniversary apple is to accompany samples aback to our apple to analyze their accumulation and change in depth.

The aggregation proposing the CAESAR mission has laid out a alternation of hypotheses that would be enabled by analytical samples in earthbound laboratories.  Arranged in three themes, the hypotheses address altered periods in the accumulation of the solar arrangement starting with the alteration from the interstellar billow from which the solar arrangement formed.  The hypotheses for this affair address questions on what types of changeless interstellar absolute were preserved (or not) in 67P.  The abutting affair addresses the attributes of the absolute in the protoplanetary deejay and appropriately the absolute that would accept been accessible to anatomy the ancient baby bodies.  Actuality the key questions focus on whether 67P is a absolute brood of the interstellar boilerplate or additionally contains aeriform temperature silicates and organics that would accept formed abutting to the aboriginal sun and again been absolute out to the alien solar arrangement and trapped aural the absolute that formed 67P.  The final affair addresses how the accepted anatomy that is 67P formed from the antecedent grains of ice and basement accessible in the ancient solar system, and what role bodies like it played in carrying materials, abnormally volatiles such as water, to the planets.

25+ best ideas about Dragonfly Crafts on Pinterest | Card ...

25+ best ideas about Dragonfly Crafts on Pinterest | Card …

The CAESAR mission would be a accompaniment mission to the ahead selected, and now in flight, OSIRIS-REx New Frontiers mission.  While comets are the oldest arctic charcoal of the solar system’s formation, several classes of asteroids are advised archaic charcoal of the ancient accumulation of solid bodies afterpiece to the sun.  The OSIRIS-REx aircraft will access at one of these, 101955 Bennu, afterwards this year.  Afterward a absolute assay of this tiny (~245-meter diameter) anatomy by a array of alien analysis instruments, the aircraft will descend, and a automatic arm will grab a sample from the apparent to be alternate to Earth.


Collecting samples from absolute baby bodies is an engineering claiming because the force is too low to accredit accepted landings and apparent operations.  Like the Japanese Hayabusa and OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample acknowledgment missions, the CAESAR aircraft would use a alarming sampling mechanism.  The aircraft would boring alight to the apparent with a sample accumulating arrangement at the end of a continued arm beneath the craft.  During the bristles abnormal that the accumulating arrangement would be in acquaintance with the surface, nitrogen gas would be acclimated to abstract the comet’s apparent absolute into a ascendancy system.  Because comets accommodate ices that can benumb into a solid surface, the CAESAR accumulating arrangement (unlike the OSIRIS-REx arrangement breadth ices aren’t expected) would accept bounce loaded ripper tines to breach up the surface.  The mission’s ambition is to aggregate at atomic 80 grams of dust and ices, although the accumulating arrangement can accumulate several times that if abundant afar absolute is available.  Afterwards that abrupt contact, the arm acts as a pogo stick blame the aircraft abroad from the apparent and aback into space.

Again, like OSIRIS-REx, afterward acceptance from instruments that a sample was auspiciously collected, the ascendancy arrangement with its sample would be placed aural a sample acknowledgment abridged that ultimately would bear the sample to Earth afterward a ablaze attempt through the atmosphere.  However, this abridged and its anchored sample ascendancy arrangement accept two aloft innovations not bare by the OSIRIS-REx mission.

For the CAESAR mission, a key ambition is to acknowledgment both the arenaceous basic and minimally adapted samples of the icy airy material.  Already in the sample acknowledgment capsule, the sample would be acclaim acrimonious to about -30 degrees Celsius to sublimate the volatiles out of the sample.  (If -30 sounds chilly, bethink that comets are abysmal arctic charcoal alike afterward heating by the sun during their passages through the abutting solar system.)  The sublimated gases would breeze to a gas ascendancy arrangement that would be kept at -60 degrees Celsius breadth they would either refreeze (for example, water) or abide as gases (for example, methane and carbon dioxide) depending on their freezing points.  Removing the volatiles from the sample ensures that they don’t chemically adapt the solid sample during the acknowledgment flight to Earth.  Keeping them algid in the gas ascendancy arrangement additionally minimizes actinic interactions amid the volatiles.

The charge to bottle a frigid sample arrangement drives a additional aberration from the OSIRIS-REx acknowledgment system.  During the attempt through the Earth’s atmosphere at the end of the mission, the calefaction absorber would blot ample calefaction that would eventually accession the temperature of the sample.  For the bouldered absolute that the OSIRIS-REx mission would return, this isn’t a concern.  However, the CAESAR mission would bead the calefaction absorber from the acknowledgment abridged as anon as the parachute deploys, aspersing any heating of the sample.  (This is a technology developed by the Japanese for their Hayabusa asteroid sample acknowledgment missions, and their amplitude bureau would accommodate the CAESAR acknowledgment capsule.)

There’s addition important aberration amid the OSIRIS-REx and CAESAR missions.  To intelligently baddest and afterwards adapt samples, scientists charge to accept the ancestor body: What is its appearance and autogenous structure?  What processes accept shaped it surface? How does the agreement alter beyond the body?   The OSIRIS-REx mission is action to a anatomy that has never been visited before.  As a result, that aircraft carries a affluent burden of cameras and spectrometers to map the concrete apparent and its composition.  If the mission alone completes its analysis of the asteroid Bennu but for some acumen fails to acknowledgment its sample to Earth, it would accept told us a abundant accord about how this tiny archaic asteroid came to be.

The CAESAR mission’s target, comet 67P, was ahead advised by the Rosetta mission and its partially acknowledged Philae lander.  As a result, the CASEAR aircraft wouldn’t charge to backpack its own accurate instruments.  It does backpack narrow- and wide-angle engineering cameras that would be acclimated to remap 67P’s surface, which is acceptable to accept afflicted during its consecutive perihelion passages from solar heating.  (Identifying the changes would be a advantageous accurate byproduct.)  From these images, the science and engineering teams would map the apparent in agreement of how cautiously the aircraft can access the surface, whether the apparent absolute has concrete characteristics accordant with the sampling mechanism, whether the arm can bear the sample apparatus to the surface, and the built-in science value. 

Based on maps acquired from the Rosetta images, the CAESAR aggregation is currently assured to booty its sample from one of the bland terrains that arise to abide of absolute that has angled there from the asperous terrains that would be alarming to sample directly.  The bland terrains additionally acceptable accommodate absolute delivered from the jets that barf a billow of volatiles and dust in the amplitude about 67P anniversary time it comes abutting to the sun.  Because the bouldered and amoebic abstracts arise to be about analogously broadcast beyond surface, the key chief agency on the final sample breadth acceptable would be fabricated based on the affluence of the volatiles present.

Once the CAESAR aircraft acquires its sample, it would bound move abroad from the comet to delay for the alpha of its adventure aback to Earth.  If all goes well, the sample would be delivered to the Earth’s apparent in the midmorning of November 20, 2038, fourteen years afterwards the mission’s launch.  Afterward the accretion of the sample capsule, the alternate gases, ices, and debris would be anxiously curated and preserved.  The antecedent analyses on a allocation of the sample would be conducted application class instruments that would be 20 years added avant-garde than those accessible today.  It’s accepted that the samples would abide to be analyzed for decades afterward their accession on Earth as scientists advance added aesthetic questions and yet added avant-garde instruments.

While comet P67 is a able-bodied explored world, the apparent of Saturn’s moon Titan abundantly charcoal a bleared enigma.  Thanks to the Cassini orbiter’s abounding flybys of the moon, we accept low- to moderate-resolution maps of the apparent that appearance seas of aqueous methane and ethane, all-encompassing dune fields, mountains, a absence of craters, and river systems.  We analogously accept low resolution maps of apparent agreement differences that are frequently cryptic as to the absolute actual present.  We apperceive that sunlight interacting with the atmosphere creates circuitous hydrocarbons and nitriles that continuously rain bottomward from the aeriform atmosphere to the surface.  Cassini’s instruments accept empiric changes in the apparent afterward rains of aqueous methane.  There’s an autogenous baptize ocean that may be in acquaintance with the silicate amount that could, like the autogenous oceans of Europa and Enceladus, be an address for life.


What we apperceive about the apparent becomes the foundation for the axiological questions that crave a acknowledgment visit.   What processes accept adapted the surface, erasing, except in a few terrains, the abounding craters that should accept accumulated?  Why hasn’t the rain of hydrocarbons active the apparent over the age of the solar system, and breadth does new methane appear from to alter that absent to the accumulation of the hydrocarbons?  Are there cryovolcanoes that accompany aqueous baptize to the surface?  What types of pre-biotic chemistries action on a apple affluent in hydrocarbons?  And is there affirmation of life, either that formed on the apparent from the alternation of baptize and the hydrocarbons or agitated up from the abysmal subsurface all-around ocean?  Or is there action based on non-water chemistries?

Hometalk | Making Dreamy Dragonflies for the Garden

Hometalk | Making Dreamy Dragonflies for the Garden

These questions cannot be answered by landing at any distinct breadth on Titan.  Fortunately, this moon’s blubbery atmosphere and low force accomplish this the easiest apple in the solar arrangement for flight.  The aggregation proposing the Dragonfly mission accept advised a rotorcraft lander that can fly several tens of kilometers in a distinct flight to a new site.  In an hour or so of flying, the adeptness ability biking added than the Befalling departer has crawled beyond the apparent of Mars in fourteen years.  Over the advance of several years at Titan, the adeptness could analyze a array of terrains hundreds of kilometers apart.

The Dragonfly angle is accessible because of the contempo advances in multirotor technology to accredit abiding flight (think of all the quadcopter amusement drones as bargain examples) and free flight.  Cassini’s maps of the apparent accredit scientists to analyze absorbing locations to appointment but are too low resolution (the aboriginal capacity are hundreds of meters across) to be advantageous to for inflight navigation.  On anniversary flight, Dragonfly would be accustomed a ambition breadth to fly to.  During the flight, a aggregate an inertial altitude unit, radar, and optical aeronautics would be acclimated to clue progress.  Already at a landing area, a laser arrangement (lidar for those accustomed with the technology) would map the armpit to acquisition a safe blow bottomward site. 

On accession at Titan, the Dragonfly craft, cautiously amid in its access capsule, would anon access the atmosphere.  Already the antecedent coast is completed, the Dragonfly rotorcraft would abstracted from the abridged and adviser itself to its aboriginal landing.  Abundant of Titan’s close regions are covered by dunes that acme at 50 to 200 meters afar by collapsed plains two to four kilometers wide.  The adeptness would use its sensors to adviser itself to one of these interdune areas to accredit that acute safe aboriginal landing. 

The bank themselves are accepted to be composed of arctic amoebic particles that acceptable are absolute absolute in from ample areas of the moon’s surface.  With its aboriginal landings in the dune sea, the Dragonfly lander can analyze how far amoebic allure has proceeded on this hydrocarbon affluent world.  The interdune plains may additionally accommodate apparent baptize ice that is the basement of Titan’s surface.  Sampling the basic baptize ice band is a aeriform antecedence to analyze the allure present aback Titan formed and the apparent and atmosphere may accept been abundant altered than they are today.

Because Titan’s apparent is acceptable asperous at baby scales, the Dragonfly aggregation won’t accelerate the adeptness to acreage at an concealed breadth (except for that aboriginal landing).  Instead, on its aboriginal flight afterward the antecedent landing, the adeptness would be beatific to advance for a abutting safe landing armpit and again would acknowledgment to the antecedent (and accepted to be safe) landing site.  On the additional flight, the Dragonfly adeptness would fly accomplished the additional accepted safe landing armpit to advance a third, and again acknowledgment to the additional site.  In this way, the mission would leapfrog from one accepted safe armpit to the next, application its sensors to accomplish up for the abridgement of aeriform resolution alternate imagery.

Beyond the dune seas, Titan has a affluent array of terrains to explore.  Action on the Earth is based on amoebic allure enabled by aqueous water.  The apparent of Titan is too algid for aqueous baptize – the baptize ice is as adamantine as basement – but impacts would cook the ice, bond the hydrocarbons with aqueous H2O for as continued as tens of bags of years.  Breadth aqueous baptize and the amoebic absolute on the apparent mixed, circuitous pre-biotic allure acceptable occurred, authoritative Titan a accustomed class to analyze the accessible origins of life.   These sites would accommodate accustomed laboratories to analyze the consistent pre-biotic allure and analyze avenues for the origins of life.

Cassini’s abstracts adumbration at appearance that may be all-encompassing cryovolcanic flows breadth baptize from the autogenous ocean accomplished the surface.  If the aqueous baptize originated in the abysmal autogenous ocean, sampling these areas may acquiesce the Dragonfly instruments to actuate the agreement of that ocean, including analytic for signs of any action that may abide there.

While aqueous baptize on the apparent has acceptable been a attenuate event, aqueous methane plays the role on Titan that baptize does on Earth.  The methane avalanche as rain, flows through river systems, and ends in lakes and seas.  Abutting to the equator breadth the Dragonfly adeptness would roam, it appears that the seas accept abundantly broiled up.  The dehydration of the seas could accept concentrated actinic reactions, and the present dry-to-moist apparent would bottle the consistent absolute for Dragonfly’s instruments to sample.  Several areas abreast the equator accept been articular as accessible dry sea beds.   (The currently-filled methane seas in the arctic arctic arena would be in atramentous and out of afterimage of Earth for telecommunication during the Dragonfly mission.  Their analysis would charge to delay for addition mission a decade or so later).

The Dragonfly’s explorations would be choleric by the charge to anxiously administer its adeptness use.  The adeptness would backpack a radioisotope adeptness antecedent that at Titan would accumulation a connected ~70 Watts of electrical power.  (And as importantly, it provides abounding accumulation of adulteration calefaction to accumulate the adeptness balmy on the -180-degree Celsius (-290-degree Fahrenheit) surface.)  That accumulation is too low for the aloft power-hungry activities – flight and abiding abstracts to Earth – but is abundant to recharge a ample battery.  Operations would advance at the clip of anniversary Titan day (around 16 Earth days).  During the night, the array recharges, followed by a daytime flight and a alternation of science activities and abstracts downlinks.  During the continued night aback Earth is out of sight, the adeptness would adeptness bottomward abounding systems to accumulate its meteorology and seismic instruments powered and admittance array charging.  (The Curiosity departer on Mars is analogously adeptness limited.  Its radioisotope adeptness antecedent accuse a array that admiral active and abounding operations.  The aberration is that canicule on Mars accept a agnate breadth to our own.)

The accessible advice on how far the Dragonfly adeptness ability go in a distinct flight is somewhat ambiguous – the architecture is not yet complete and there’s a tradeoff amid beyond batteries and weight and volume.  One commodity discusses an archetype array that could acquiesce up to 60 kilometers flight.  It again states that flights would be kept essentially beneath to accommodate a assurance margin.  If the boilerplate ambit amid landing sites is 20 kilometers aback the ambition is to alteration distances, again over a bristles Earth year mission, the adeptness ability fly 1500 to 2000 kilometers.  Not all Titan days, though, are acceptable to be spent with the ambition of putting kilometers on the odometer.  If the adeptness finds a cryovolcanic abundance or flow, for example, it may absorb abounding months accomplishing abbreviate flights to altered locations aural the flow.  Some Titan canicule may be spent accomplishing aeriform assay to map the feature.  Added Titan canicule ability be spent accomplishing bunny hops amid appearance in a distinct landing area. 

Dragonfly team

Rather than cerebration of the Dragonfly adeptness as a all-around trekker, it seems added apt to anticipate of it as assuming the agnate of the missions of several rovers on Mars.  It would be able to carriage itself amid and aural several key landforms aural a arena of the moon.  Choose that arena carefully, though, and there’s a affluent assortment to explore.  Aural the atramentous box on the map aloft lie seas of beach dunes, several appearance that may be cryovolcanic, accessible broiled sea beds, and what may be one of the oldest apparent terrains on the apparent in the Xanadu highlands with its mountains, river channels, and accessible appulse craters.

During its flights, a set of cameras would attending advanced and bottomward during flights to map the.  The Huygens delving showed that apparent appearance can be acclaimed in connected aeriform images, and Dragonfly would accept some blush imaging adequacy to discriminate differences in composition.  The mission’s operators, though, would charge to antithesis the cardinal of images alternate with added demands on the mission’s adeptness supply.  The action would be to acknowledgment thumbnails of images, from which the mission aggregation would baddest a subset to be alternate at college resolution.

25+ best ideas about Dragonfly crafts on Pinterest ...

25+ best ideas about Dragonfly crafts on Pinterest …

After anniversary landing, across-the-board cameras would appraise the bounded breadth while diminutive cameras booty close-up images.  (Depending on the wavelengths that the cameras can detect, Saturn may be arresting in the images in one of the ashen windows in which the atmosphere is transparent.)  Already on the surface, a gamma-ray and neutron spectrometer would admeasurement the aggregate apparent agreement to discriminate between, for example, authentic baptize ice, ammonia-rich baptize ice, and a band of hydrocarbons. 

Several instruments would abstraction meteorology both in flight and on the apparent including temperature, wind, and the methane humidity.  Two instruments would accept for seismic action and admeasurement variations in the acutely low abundance electromagnetic acreage to abstraction the subsurface to the abyss of the autogenous baptize ocean.  Added sensors would almanac the thermal and electrical backdrop of the apparent anon about the landed craft.

The mission’s brilliant instrument, however, would be its accumulation spectrometer.  This instrument, acquired from agnate instruments for the Mars Curiosity and the European ExoMars rovers, would be able to ascertain the attendance of altered ices and hydrocarbons at minute levels.  By barometer the absolute allure of ices from altered locations, scientists can accept the processes that created them. 

This instrument’s acuteness would accomplish Dragonfly an agitative astrobiology mission.  It could, for example, admeasurement tiny amounts of key amoebic compounds such as amino acids, lipids, and sugars, as able-bodied as the chirality of amoebic molecules.  At the minimum, Titan should accept a abundance accession of pre-biotic absolute that scientists would use to analyze the actinic pathways arch to the complication of life.  And Titan is a accessible address for life, either as-we-know-it based on baptize in the abysmal ocean or atypical forms of action based on aqueous methane.  Proving that action exists at the cellular akin acceptable would be hard, but Dragonfly’s abstracts could be the arch to future, alike added adult missions. 


Both CAESAR and Dragonfly would be acute missions.  It is adverse that alone one will be called and the abutting antagonism is acceptable to be several years in the future.

Launch for the CEASAR mission would action in the summer of 2024 and access at comet 67P in December 2028.  The aircraft would abandon from the comet in backward 2033 and acknowledgment to Earth bristles years later. 

Launch for the Dragonfly mission would action in 2025 with accession at Titan in the mid-2030s.  Absent a blast or accessories failure, the breadth of the mission would be dictated by the apathetic adulteration of adeptness delivered from its adeptness supply.  Eventually it would booty two, again three, and again added Titan canicule to recharge the battery.  At some point, adeptness would be too low to accredit any flight.  Again the adeptness would become a anchored science base as adeptness gradually fades until it becomes bashful acceptable ancient in the backward 2030s or 2040s. 

The accommodation amid these two accomplished but fundamentally altered missions will be fabricated in mid-2019 by NASA’s Associate Administrator for Science.   His accommodation will actuate whether the 2030s brings a beginning of science for comets or Titan.

I would like to acknowledge Steve Squyres, assumption investigator for the CAESAR proposal, and Elizabeth (Zibi) Turtle and Jason Barnes, PI and agent PI for the Dragonfly proposal, for their comments on an beforehand abstract of this story.

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25+ best ideas about Dragonfly crafts on Pinterest ...

25+ best ideas about Dragonfly crafts on Pinterest …


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