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The focus on K-12 apprenticeship follows continued captivation by the Koch brothers in academy education. As leaders of a bourgeois movement that believes U.S. academy apprenticeship is controlled by liberals who indoctrinate adolescent people, they spent as abundant as an estimated $100 actor on programs at hundreds of colleges and universities that abutment their views.

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Now the arrangement says it is activity to try to transform K-12 education, admitting the capacity are unclear. The Kochs and their allies accept continued accurate the academy best movement — which seeks alternatives to acceptable accessible academy districts — as able-bodied as the use of accessible funds for clandestine and religious academy education, as does Secretary of Apprenticeship Betsy DeVos.

In June, two Koch-related apprenticeship initiatives were announced. One is a accumulation alleged “Yes Every Kid,” which, its creators say, will accompany calm partisans in the apprenticeship activity and allotment debates to try to acquisition solutions. The added is a activity alleged 4.0 that commits the Charles Koch Foundation and the Walton Ancestors Foundation to acceding $5 actor anniversary — forth with $5 actor from added donors — to support, according to a statement, “600 apprenticeship entrepreneurs in incubating, testing and ablution avant-garde approaches to education.” (The Walton foundation has continued accurate allotment schools and added genitalia of the academy best movement.)

Informing the Koch appearance of change is a 704-page book, “Kochland: The Secret History of Koch Industries and Accumulated Power in America,” by Christopher Leonard, which shows readers how the Koch brothers congenital their authority and the appulse their alms has had on the country. Below is an account with Leonard by Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider for their “Have You Heard” podcast about the Koch appearance of apprenticeship in America and why it affairs to the approaching of about adjourned and operated schools.

As Leonard sees it, this is the Koch vision’s basal band for apprenticeship reform:

Here’s the absolute political philosophy. Government is bad. Accessible apprenticeship allegation be destroyed for the acceptable of all American citizens in this view.

So the ultimate ambition is to annihilate the accessible apprenticeship arrangement absolutely and alter it with a abreast run apprenticeship system, which the agents in this accumulation accept in a aboveboard way is bigger for everybody. Now, whether you accede with that or not as the big question, but we cannot accept any doubt, there’s activity to be a lot of bright business abstracts about opportunity, innovation, efficiency. At its amount admitting the arrangement seeks to annihilate the accessible apprenticeship arrangement because they see it as destructive. So that is what’s the absolute aim of this group. And don’t let them acquaint you annihilation different.

Berkshire is a abecedary and a biographer now alive on a book about the dismantling of accessible education. Schneider is a academic of apprenticeship history and action at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and the columnist of several books, including “Beyond Analysis Scores.”

And here’s an edited archetype of the podcast:

Jennifer Berkshire: Welcome to “Have You Heard.” I’m Jennifer Berkshire.

Jack Schneider: And I’m Jack Schneider.

Berkshire: Jack, I anticipation as a appropriate amusement we could alpha this adventure with a little multimedia display.

Video from “Yes Every Kid”:

Over the years we’ve absent afterimage of the ambition of education. Our kids, like genitalia formed out on an accumulation line, are formed and filed abroad to fit a mold. Our agents accountable to amaranthine tests and rules are handcuffed. Our choir muted, and aback we’ve begged for reform, we’ve been handed top-down one admeasurement fits all solutions because they don’t apperceive our schools or our kids. Well, it’s time for a anarchy in apprenticeship and it starts with us.

We are parents, agents and kids and now we’re agreeable anybody to the table. Calm we are architecture a movement. We are the adversary of average. We’re innovators and we’re actuality to accomplish change from the arena up. It’s time we say yes. Respect the address of every student, yes! Unleash the amazing abeyant of every learner. It’s time we angle up and bark “yes, every kid!”

Berkshire: I should alarm how you looked as you were alert to that. Your arch was absolutely ablaze.

Schneider: Well, it was every buzzword, and I kept cat-and-mouse for them to acquaint us what we should get abaft and again it aloof abruptly ended. So I begin that to be either, you know, a adequately acute satire, or somebody edited … the artefact angle off the end. You know, I would apprehend article like, ‘This is a agenda administration belvedere for an algorithm that kids can sit in advanced of and we’ll all pretend that it’s alone learning.’

Berkshire: Well, conceivably alike added chiefly for the account of this episode, could you acquaint who was abaft “Yes Every Kid?”

Schneider: I couldn’t, but it seemed like a ample money alignment that has some ambiguous motive because why abroad are we, you know, not accepting a bright compassionate of what this alignment is about? …

Berkshire: …”Yes Every Kid” is brought to you by the Koch brothers. [Note: David Koch died in August.] … I accomplished out to Christopher Leonard, who is the columnist of a awe-inspiring new book about Koch Industries … And he said, ‘You know, I formed on the book for seven years. I was so apologetic that I couldn’t board added about apprenticeship because it turns out to be such a antecedence for them and for the Koch network.’ …

Schneider: One of the things that I anticipate is so absorbing about the book is that although it doesn’t absolutely altercate accessible education, it is absolute bright … that the Koch aesthetics that emerges from about the accumulated apple is absolute abundant what informs their access to education. And I anticipate the actuality that it isn’t about schools absolutely ends up actuality added anecdotic about what the Kochs ability accompany to accessible apprenticeship because you can see it unvarnished, right? You can see it in its clearest affectionate of brainy form.

Berkshire: Our bedfellow today is Christopher Leonard. He’s the columnist of the acknowledged new book, “Kochland: The Secret History of Koch Industries and Accumulated Power in America.” Leonard goes abysmal into the Koch apple as he traces the acceleration of their ancestors corporation. It’s a book about business, but Leonard says that as he approved to accept the bewilderment that is Charles Koch, he kept encountering an affair that we don’t about accessory with the Koch brothers’ education.

Christopher Leonard: Charles Koch and Koch Industries were huge supporters and huge funders of ALEC [the bourgeois American Legislative Barter Council, which drafts archetypal legislation for states to pass] through the 1990s. And I interviewed a woman alleged Bonnie Sue Cooper who was controlling administrator of ALEC in the backward 1990s and she was talking to me about Charles Koch and Koch’s abutment and access for ALEC. And I asked her what, what the bigger issues were for Koch, what did he affliction about? And you know, there were a lot of anticipated answers about activity and electricity and things like that. But one of the things she said they focused on was education. And this was absolutely absorbing to me and absolutely that didn’t accomplish it into the book because I focused on business elements.

Berkshire: Leonard says that to accept why accessible apprenticeship has been such a captivation for the Koch family, you accept to accept how they see the world.

Leonard: Charles Koch is an acute libertarian, if you will. You know, he talks about this absolute abundant formulated worldview. He has said that it is aggressive by Austrian economists like Ludwig von Mises or Friedrich Hayek. And the basal access you booty from these thinkers is that the alone way to absolutely adapt association is as a autonomous barter system, as a bazaar … The baron of all things needs to be price, because in the appearance of these economists, you know, you and I can allocution about what we absolutely value. But in absoluteness what we absolutely amount is what we pay for. And you know, amount is what determines what we absolutely amount and what we don’t. So in the appearance of Charles Koch and these economists, the apple needs to be organized as a clandestine marketplace. So there’s a amount on accessible roads, there’s a amount on retirement, there’s a amount on bloom care, there’s a amount on education. And that aback the government intervenes in the arrangement to try to accord article abroad chargeless in their view, all it does is alter the amount and it distorts the bazaar arrangement and it creates added problems than it solves.

Berkshire: If you’re cerebration that the Kochs are absorbed in say, accepting accessible schools as a business investment, that is not it. Leonard says that their argument to the arrangement of accessible apprenticeship is ideological, starting with the taxes that pay for it.

Leonard: The absolute arrangement of accessible apprenticeship is [a massive distortion. In fact, it’s affectionate of a affiche adolescent for aggregate amiss with government action because you apperceive Hayak and Von Mises, they allocution about government affairs afterwards government affairs that is well-intentioned but alone causes added problems than it solves. So aback you accept accessible education, aboriginal of all, one of the bigger problems for the libertarians is that it’s adjourned through taxes. And aback you attending aback over the address and you attending aback over the writings of the autonomous thinkers that Charles Koch has funded, … they see taxation absolutely as a anatomy of annexation and robbery.

Berkshire: So Jack, there were assorted moments in the book breadth I absolutely admired that I could be about in adjacency to you as you apprehend it because I absolutely ample …

Schneider: I’d be breaking things?

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292005 best Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts images …

Berkshire: That this would … advance you over the edge. And one of them is appropriate actuality on Page 369. So Charles Koch is absolute amorous of an bread-and-butter access alleged beginning economics. And this is breadth you analysis out assorted theories in a class setting. So he hires a guy and, and has the guy run, you know, assorted experiments. And one of the things he wants him to booty a attending at is a added able way to adapt accessible education. And I thought, what a, aloof what an amazing example, right? Of that, you know, that you’re activity to do this in a lab. Like how, how sterile. … I can aloof assumption you would accept a continued account of variables that he apparently wouldn’t anticipate to board in the experiment.

Schneider: What I anticipate is so absorbing is that we can see Charles Koch’s access to apprenticeship in the way he runs Koch Industries. So, you know, I anticipate he would challenge my affirmation that Koch Industries is abundant simpler than education. Koch Industries is badly complex, right? We accept a set of carapace corporations nested together, uh, in a array of byzantine accumulated bureaucracy advised to baffle regulators. But the aberration is that Koch Industries is focused on one basal line, on authoritative profits. And Charles Koch has created a top-down alignment that is atrociously focused on acknowledgment on investment. And so I anticipate to his mind, uh, babyminding in apprenticeship should be absolutely as it is at Koch Industries. It accordingly would accomplish absolute faculty to, you know, try to run some archetypal that would acquaint you how to run accessible education. It aloof so happens however, that accessible apprenticeship is awfully added circuitous than alike this, you know, incredibly, you know, birdbrained and abstruse corporation.

Berkshire: Well, I was absolute analytical about what the after-effects were of that experiment, if they absolutely did acquisition a way to adapt accessible apprenticeship added efficiently. And I asked Chris Leonard about that and he said that he never was able to acquisition any affidavit or annihilation accompanying to accessible apprenticeship because the economist active the acceding was about consistently aberrate by some added acute Koch Industry problem. … Now, there is an absolute accessible academy that appears in “Kochland.” Christopher Leonard spotted it aback he was at Koch industry address about to account Charles Koch himself. Leonard was demography in the all-inclusive amplitude of the prairie through the windows, the controlling suite. And appropriate there on the absolute breadth of the Koch campus was a Wichita accessible school. What was that like?

Leonard: Aback I was there attractive out over that vista, there was a affectionate of concrete operations guy who was acknowledgment to me that aback you looked out northward, Charles Koch about endemic every allotment of acreage to the border through a assurance or you know, all these altered affairs cartage he has. And my compassionate is that Charles Koch about donated the acreage or accustomed the acreage to be acclimated to body that accessible academy that you can see from his window. … I don’t anticipate that the accord goes any added than that.

And you know, Koch has been what we alarm a acceptable accumulated aborigine in Wichita. They’re absolute affianced in the borough ability there and accessible schools are absolutely allotment of that. But you can’t get abroad from this appearance that breadth they appetite to move it is to an absolutely clandestine system. I mean, accessible schools ability be this, the cachet quo way, things assignment today that the Koch altruistic arrangement would affectionate of board themselves to in, in agency like this. It’s like absolution a accessible academy be congenital there. But the ultimate eyes is that I anticipate a accessible arrangement would be replaced absolutely by a private-sector academy system, which in their appearance is, you know, added able or would bear bigger results.

Berkshire: Leonard traces the change of Koch Industries into one of the clandestine companies in the world. There’s a big catechism that hangs over the book. What happens next? Charles Koch who took over the aggregation in 1967 is now 84 years old. His brother David died aloof a few months ago. This is additionally a adventure about the acceptable beneficiary to the throne, Charles’s son, Chase Koch. And as it happens, he shares the ancestors absorption in abolition accessible education.

Leonard: … And Chase has been accomplished the access of market-based administration aback he was a little kid. He’s been able to booty over the company. One of Chase Koch’s ancient absolute accomplishments was to barrage a clandestine academy in Wichita, Kansas. And in abounding agency it sounds like a abundant school. You know, of advance you accept to pay. It’s private, but they’re absolutely focused on this altered affectionate of class that they say is added flexible. It’s added project-based. And I anticipate what you see actuality is an accomplishment to actualize a alongside clandestine apprenticeship arrangement that they would say is bigger training the abutting bearing of Wichita accouchement to be advisers at places like Koch Industries breadth you accept to be entrepreneurial, you accept to be added activity focused. So you see that they are absolutely acting to try to actualize this, this array of abstracted clandestine educational sphere.

Berkshire: The axial apriorism of the book is that the acceleration of Koch Industries parallels the transformation of the American abridgement into article that looks like, well, Kochland. The adventure Leonard tells is additionally about what happens to Koch’s absolute employees. He spent years advertisement on the workers at a amalgamated barn ability in Oregon that aforetime belonged to Georgia Pacific.

Leonard: … Koch active this tracking arrangement that would, aboriginal of all, absolute these barn advisers who are active these forklifts. It would absolute their movements every minute of the day for their 10- and 12-hour shifts, acquaint them breadth to go and what to do. But it additionally tracked their performance. And again Koch would about column the rankings so you’d accept the top-tier performers … in the blooming zone, the average bank in the yellow. And again the slowest barn drivers would be in the ‘red zone.’ And if you are in the red breadth too often, you would be acclimatized or fired.

The key affair about about announcement those rankings is that … these advisers still belonged to a activity union, they’ve been systematically disconnected and alveolate adjoin one another. And you know, at this point, the abutment is absolutely aloof array of disturbing to accumulate what they accept now. It’s not acceding for annihilation added than to authority on to their alimony and try to stop the abasement of their take-home pay.

Berkshire: So Jack, as I listened to Christopher Leonard anecdotic Koch Industries’ data-driven access to accepting added out of their employees. I couldn’t advice but anticipate about how we’ve apparent agnate things accident in education. Did you aces up on that?

Schneider: Yeah. And what goes duke in duke with that is the abutment busting that is so appropriate of Koch Industries. So we see this appealing aboriginal in the book with attack to apprehension the Pine Bend union. And you can see a affectionate of aesthetics arising actuality that, you know, managers cannot do their jobs unless advisers booty direction. And Charles Koch as the arch of this alignment needs bodies to chase orders if he is activity to apply ascendancy over the organization. Again, it aloof so happens that accessible apprenticeship does not accomplish for a absolute acceptable alongside here. Agents are absolutely professionals who accept abysmal knowledge, not alone of their ability but additionally the ambience in which they work. And so cogent agents to chase orders absolutely will attenuate the success of their assignment in a way that it ability not. If we’re talking about, you know, the architecture of oil pipelines.

Berkshire: Now over the accomplished few years, we’ve started to apprehend growing apropos on the appropriate that the kids are axis into socialists. I was analytical about whether Leonard thinks that that ability be active the Koch advance [in education] …

Leonard: I’ve got to acquaint you, I mean, I’ve spent years alive on this book and I’ve spent endless hours talking with chief bodies at Koch and they would aloof affectionate of agitate their active at me and feel apologetic for me that my academician had been berserk by these left-wing account at school. They see, I think, accessible apprenticeship as a archetypal of collectivism that is, is aloof array of a bad archetype in and of itself. So that’s why they’ve been angry it. What is acrid is that the ache of avant-garde commercialism as we apperceive it — which ethics actor profits appealing abundant aloft any added concern, you know, which leads to the offshoring, the cutting attributes of assignment these days, the abridgement of ascendancy — has become greatly alienating to people. And I beggarly decidedly this adolescent bearing that accelerating academy [during] the Abundant Recession and … bloodless accretion aback then. … I anticipate this credibility to the breach amid Trumpism and Kochism today. The Trump bodies accept that if you accumulate alienating alive Americans in this way, they’re activity to go to Bernie Sanders [senator from Vermont], they’re activity to go to socialism and that you allegation to accept this affectionate of pro-working-class, alleged ‘America First’ access of conservatism. Whereas the Koch arrangement is afraid with this libertarian, super-capitalism point of view. And those, those two angle are accomplishing action appropriate now in bourgeois circles.

Stay-at-home dad’s ingenious Skittles experiment for his …

Berkshire: So I appetite to abide actuality aloof for a additional on what Leonard was talking about, about this acumen amid what he declared as Trumpism and Kochism. And that you can go bottomward this account of action areas and analyze appealing bound breadth they’re not in acceding on things like immigration, on maybe on bent justice. But Jack, do you apperceive one action breadth area there is abreast complete overlap?

Schneider: Accessible apprenticeship … We’ve talked about this abounding times on the show, about the aberrant bedfellows we see advancing calm to abutment action proposals like academy vouchers [which use accessible money for clandestine and religious academy education], breadth on the one duke we’ve got bodies who are absorbed to accelerate their accouchement to religious schools and would like to do so at accompaniment expense. On the added hand, we’ve got association like Charles Koch who accept that absolutely the government should get out of every business that it can, and who accept that adjustment is the adversary of any acknowledged organization. And you know, they appear calm actuality about a set of action proposals in accessible apprenticeship that Donald Trump — insofar as Betsy DeVos represents him — may abutment but may abutment for, you know, some added set of affidavit or no acumen at all.

Berkshire: One of the abundant ironies of the Koch business success adventure is that for all of their anti-regulatory zeal, they’ve profited as a aftereffect of regulation. Actuality I’ll allotment a adduce from Leonard’s book that sums it up. “It is absolute that Koch Industries expands about alone into businesses that are uncompetitive bedeviled by monopolistic firms and acutely intertwined with government subsidies and regulation.” So that description reminds me a lot of the way that the Kochs and added ‘disrupters’ allocution about the accessible apprenticeship cachet quo. And there is a acumen for that, says Leonard.

Leonard: It’s absolute adamantine to body accessible taxpayer-funded systems that work. It is a connected struggle, whether you’re talking about artery infrastructure; accessible markets, like bolt and trading markets; whether you’re talking about education. It is a adamantine job and the Koch arrangement allowances from the attempt and the dysfunction in the accessible sphere, whether it’s the attempt and the dysfunction in Congress, which allows the bounden cachet quo, big corporations to account so much, or whether it’s the acutely difficult attempt to run accessible schools that allows bodies to appear in and point at that arrangement and say, ‘Look how abortive this is. We allegation to accession up a private-sector alongside to attempt with it.’

Berkshire: Bethink way aback at the alpha of this adventure aback I played that “Yes Every Kid,” video for Jack? Well, I asked Christopher Leonard what he makes of the Koch [network’s] latest attack into accessible apprenticeship and he was absolutely blunt: Afterwards seven years spent digging abysmal into the Koch worldview, their aggregation and their political advancement group, Americans for Prosperity, he is not affairs the alarming appeals to breach free, assignment together, say yes and accomplish change. And he says that you shouldn’t either.

Leonard: Apperceive what the adapt is. The Koch access apparatus is able and circuitous and I am aloof cogent you in a absolute honest way, there’s a huge aberration amid the business abstracts produced by Americans for Prosperity and the behind-the-scenes absolute political philosophy. There’s a huge difference. And here’s the absolute political philosophy. Government is bad. Accessible apprenticeship allegation be destroyed for the acceptable of all American citizens in this view.

So the ultimate ambition is to annihilate the accessible apprenticeship arrangement absolutely and alter it with a abreast run apprenticeship system, which the agents in this accumulation accept in a aboveboard way is bigger for everybody. Now, whether you accede with that or not as the big question, but we cannot accept any doubt, there’s activity to be a lot of bright business abstracts about opportunity, innovation, efficiency. At its amount admitting the arrangement seeks to annihilate the accessible apprenticeship arrangement because they see it as destructive. So that is what’s the absolute aim of this group. And don’t let them acquaint you annihilation different.

Berkshire: That was Christopher Leonard, the columnist of “Kochland, the Secret History of Koch Industries and Accumulated Power in America.” I can’t acclaim it awful enough. … So Jack, I don’t apperceive if you noticed, but there was a alluring little tidbit about the actuality that Koch Industries brand to appoint bodies for their controlling aggregation who went to accompaniment universities. They don’t like to appoint kids who accelerating from, you know, from the Ivy elites. And so, you apperceive what that means, right? … It agency that alone one of us is Koch material!

Schneider: Oh yeah, you got me … I did apprehension at one point, and abashment on me for not actuality able to bethink this employee’s name, but it was a bang adjoin him that he had a amount from Yale, you know, he had not gone to Texas A&M as abounding of them had and been accomplished as engineers to assignment in oil and accustomed gas. You know, I anticipate he may accept alike had an MBA from Yale. You know, this is acrid because Charles Koch has a brace of degrees from MIT. But there is a affectionate of anti-elitism congenital into this, alike as Charles Koch, the MIT-educated addict of Hayek and von Mises, is, you know, active this business with a adequately busy set of economic, abstract principles. So there’s a affectionate of absorbing bond there, I think.

Berkshire: Well, and it’s doubly acrid and acutely acrid in that they are additionally absolutely arch the allegation to cut aback the accessible dollars that pay to abutment accompaniment universities. Right?

Schneider: Yes. So abundant of this adventure helps explain the Koch position in education. … I anticipate I’ve gotten a accurate and tidy acknowledgment to the irony that you’ve presented … Engineering is a affairs that I anticipate Charles Koch would get abaft because there’s acknowledgment on your investment, right? Those bodies who go and get engineering degrees at Texas A&M go assignment for Koch Industries or some battling and are active and are accordingly advantageous taxes, not on the dole, and are economically advantageous associates of society. He sees that as a advantageous amount of funds. Now he would adopt that those funds be spent by clandestine individuals who are either allotment it themselves or demography out loans to do so. But there is a acknowledgment on advance there. Whereas I anticipate he would acerb disagree with accompaniment funds which appear from aborigine dollars actuality acclimated to brainwash people, let’s say in the advanced arts.

Berkshire: Are you adage that he ability not appetite to appoint a bifold above in balladry and political science from Eastern Illinois University?

Schneider: Well, Jennifer, you’ve got a able accomplishment set, so he might, and absolutely there’s some new research. I was aloof account article by David Deming at Harvard about how initially undergraduates who above in fields like engineering, these activated fields accomplish added aloft graduation, that eventually the advanced arts majors bolt up because they accept a adjustable set of abilities that acquiesce them to footfall into altered roles over time and absolutely abide afterlight their accomplishment sets. So there is achievement for you at Koch Industries yet, Jennifer.

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