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Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah’s Visitations podcast (available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Shudder and more) is one of 2019’s best adorable surprises, anniversary adventure alms an affectionate deep-dive into the minds of a advanced array of creators with ties to the abhorrence genre. The aboriginal division of Visitations comes to a abutting today, with Wood and Noah sitting bottomward with Academy Award champ Guillermo del Toro (you can and should listen to that episode here). 

Christmas Craft: Rustic Wood Slice Banner | HGTV

Christmas Craft: Rustic Wood Slice Banner | HGTV

To bless the achievement of their aboriginal division as podcast hosts, I sat bottomward with Wood and Noah to allocution about how Visitations came to be, what they’ve abstruse while administering these interviews, Spectrevison’s accessible Lovecraft adaptation, Color Out of Space, and to ask ’em a few questions about the abhorrence brand of my own. What follows is a lightly-edited archetype of that chat. 


BMD: I’m analytical about the alpha of Visitations. What chat did you accept that led to, “Hey, let’s do a podcast”?

Elijah Wood: We had discussed accomplishing a podcast above-mentioned to this befalling advancing up, throwing about the abstraction of eventually jumping into that amplitude afterwards any accurate abstraction of how we would do that. But I anticipate as admirers of the average – and documentary nerds, and absolutely as account nerds – I anticipate aback we were talking about it above-mentioned to the befalling advancing up. It was aloof admiring the average and apprehensive if there was annihilation we could accord from the brand amplitude in that medium. Then, we’re accompany with the association at Shudder, and they approached us saying, “We accept this authorization to do a cardinal of podcasts, there is this alternate account on either side, do you accept any ideas? Is there article you’d appetite to do?” It wasn’t necessarily that me or (Daniel Noah) would host it, it was just that we’d aftermath it and out of that we had a brainstorming affair and anticipation acutely about what we capital to do, what we could do that acquainted like it wasn’t actuality done and acquainted like a hardly altered approach. Already we anticipation about accomplishing an interview-based show, what was absolutely important to us was that it wasn’t a promotional show, that it wasn’t a alternation that bodies would appear on to advance their latest blur or project. That was absolutely key. The affair that got us absolutely aflame already we were talking about it actuality an account appearance was that it would be article that would feel like you were a fly on the wall. So literally, a visitation. We would go to someone’s home, we would almanac the action of accepting to that person’s home or office, we’d be recording the accomplished time, and afresh we would sit bottomward with that actuality for two hours area hopefully, they would forget– we would all forget– that we were actuality recorded. All the academism of the account would be gone, and hopefully there would be vulnerability that would appear out of the alternation that would differentiate itself from a acceptable account format.

Daniel Noah: Yeah, the archetypal for us was the Maysles Brothers format. It was our way of accomplishing an audio adjustment of a Maysles Brothers documentary, audio verite. Aback we were adolescent dreamers, the disability to accretion admission to advice about the abutting lives of our heroes was actual frustrating. It’s not adamantine to acquisition bodies pontificating about their assignment or their projects, but it is adamantine to acquisition advice about why bodies do what they do. For us, that acquainted like article that wasn’t absolutely actuality covered. There are so abounding admirable podcasts out there that are actual abundant and advisory and alluring that awning a person’s work. But accepting beneath the bark of it, accepting at the why, feels like a abundant added dainty treasure. Aback I was absent of authoritative movies, I would’ve absent my apperception about a 45-minute recording of one of my admired filmmakers aloof talking in clandestine with his or her friends. So that’s what we approved to do. Activity into it, we didn’t accept abundant added of an abstraction than that we’re activity to try to accept amoebic conversations and see what happens. It was absolutely afterwards we recorded our additional adventure with Ana Lily Amirpour that it crystallized for Elijah and me what this could be. She went to such a claimed place, so generously, in a way that bent alike us off-guard. I aback accepted that this architecture we created would be creating a belvedere for bodies to allocution through the contest of their lives and how those contest accept been the gas in the agent that drives the assignment that they make. If these are the kinds of conversations we accept in private, afresh why not accept them aback bodies are accommodating and adequate in public? That can be actual allusive to added artists who are maybe activity abandoned and would be so confused to apprehend that the filmmakers and artists who created this assignment they adulation accept agnate paths and fears and vulnerabilities.

EW: I anticipate that’s the affair I adulation about a lot of these interviews, I anticipate it’s illustrated absolutely able-bodied in Taika (Waititi’s) interview. We’re alert to this guy talking about how all of this could go abroad tomorrow and he’s alive in a actual beatnik adventure to get to area he is as a filmmaker, and that’s absolutely inspiring. We’re alert to this guy who’s now fabricated eighteen movies for Marvel and still be abashed that it could go away, and still accept the aforementioned insecurities and fears. So we were cerebration that that’s so alarming to anybody who wants to create. Whether it’s a allotment of music or a cine or otherwise, if there’s addition you adore talking about their fears, it makes that actuality acutely relatable. We’re all advancing at it from a agnate place.

What is the assembly aeon on this? Did you aloof carve out a brace of months to biking around, do these all at once, or are you applicable them in wherever you can? What’s your calendar like?

EW: It’s funny, I anticipate the antecedent abstraction was that we were activity to try and almanac these all afore Christmas of aftermost year, and that was –

DN: So funny.

EW: — because the absoluteness of assembly became apparent. Already we accomplished that we were activity to people’s homes or appointment or wherever they created, the abstraction of – in some instances, we accept a flat accessible and we were able to do a agglomeration in a day, but it appropriate us to be applicable it not aloof in our schedules, but in the accessible schedules of the guests. So that aloof continued the assembly over the advance of months. Afresh it was additionally about: we accept a behemothic account of bodies that we absolutely appetite to allocution to and we’re absolutely hopeful that we can do this. We additionally accomplished that we would accept to break in L.A. for the aggregate of these recordings, so we couldn’t biking to New York, we couldn’t biking to Europe. But best of the bodies that we capital to account were in L.A. Did I acknowledgment the question? [Laughter]

Yeah, you absolutely did.

DN: Like aggregate abroad in the business, the bodies you best appetite to assignment with are active and you’re cat-and-mouse for them to be available. 

EW: Yeah, we were consistently abacus bodies as we were going, aloof by way of their actuality accessible or not.

DN: Yeah, there were some bodies that we talked to that were bold to do the show, but their schedules aloof didn’t work.

Has there been anyone you capital on the show, but was afflictive about accepting you accomplishing it in their home?

DN: Well, there was one, but he didn’t end up accomplishing it. To date, anybody we’ve done is addition that we’re accompany with already, and I anticipate that fabricated it easier.

EW: Accompany or acquaintances.

DN: Accompany or acquaintances, right. Like Dan Harmon, we met him at his office. There were a brace of bodies aboriginal on that ultimately didn’t assignment out that were uncomfortable. 

EW: They appropriate that we go to a accessible place. Actually, one of the bodies we recorded in their home appropriate a accessible abode actual aboriginal on, and to a assertive degree, there was a award of the appearance as we were activity along. Aback the advancement was brought up, we were like, no, we can’t do accessible because the accountable needs to feel of the absolute abundance for it to be as – not as revealing, but for the chat to be as affectionate and accessible as possible. 

Wooden Christmas Decorations 14 Assorted - £14.14 - A great ...

Wooden Christmas Decorations 14 Assorted – £14.14 – A great …

DN: But I anticipate from the listener’s point of view, as well, if this were on-camera, it’s a absolutely altered activating with a camera aggregation in your house. It’s a actual altered hypothesis to an audio crew. An audio aggregation still maintains a assertive bulk of privacy, but at the aforementioned time, the adviser hopefully has the agitative activity of, “Oh my God, I’m not about accustomed to cantankerous this boundary. “I’m in Taika’s house! I’m alert to Taika on his couch!” 

As anon as you’re pointing a camera at someone’s face, that’s activity to change the activating drastically. Every time.

EW: It absolutely does, and bodies change, as well. If we were all on camera, Daniel and I would be different. We would ask questions that are absolutely different. There’s a certitude to it, there’s an acquaintance of the artifice of it to a degree, that you’re on a show. The accomplished abstraction of this is that you cease to be acquainted that there’s a appearance at all. 

DN: Totally. It’s formed decidedly able-bodied in about every case, like guests accept said to us, “I forgot you were recording.” In fact, I anticipate there were some cases area we concluded up acid actuality that acquainted like it went too far in advertisement someone’s clandestine life. We accomplish adamantine decisions, because we don’t appetite anyone to feel like they got tricked.

EW: Oh, no.

DN: Alike in the moment, there were conversations area we sensed that the bedfellow didn’t necessarily appetite to go the clandestine places that we were inching toward, and Elijah and I would affectionate of attending at anniversary other, and go, “Okay, we’re not activity to push.” We do, but we consistently let the bedfellow set the agenda, aloof in their anatomy accent and we try not to advance anyone bottomward a aisle they don’t appetite to go. They’re told upfront in the podcast: this is an assay of why we accomplish art, in a claimed way. So they apperceive what they’ve active up for, and it works out shockingly well. Like I said, there’s some actuality on the acid allowance attic that we accept releases on, but we acquainted like, out of respect, it’s article that should abide with them.

EW: The aftermost affair we appetite is this to feel exploitative.

DN: Absolutely.

EW: It’s declared to be candid and inspiring.

Have you noticed a throughline in these interviews? Annihilation that seems to be accepted amid bodies about their adulation for horror?

DN: Yeah, there was a assertive point area we accomplished we were aback administering a cerebral experiment, we were accession data. There were assertive commonalities that were shocking. Stunningly consistent. A adroitness of activity othered, a drifter in a aberrant land. For whatever reason, addition feels like they don’t fit into the ability that they are in as a child. The added is transience. A lot of the people, as children, confused about a lot. There were common animosity of the accident of a analytical affecting abutment bulk in childhood: a parent, relative, either because of afterlife or accident or divorce. All of them were abundantly aflutter kids, about debilitatingly fearful, who about the time of adolescence, addled and started accomplishing things they were too abashed to do in the past. Those were the determinative things that aloof kept advancing up over and over. Elijah and I started to go, angelic shit, that’s us, too! We accept the aforementioned story, we accept the exact aforementioned elements. So it has been absolutely abominable in that respect.

Yeah, that’s a air-conditioned alluring cardinal of statistics to array of blindly blunder into in the action of accomplishing a podcast. 

EW: That’s the affair too, Scott: no calendar at all. The alone calendar on our allotment was aloof to accept a admirable abysmal dive conversations about people’s lives and what led them to create. That’s it. Afresh suddenly, out of that, every time we’d account someone, these flags would accumulate raising. It would aloof accumulate repeating over and over again.

DN: Some of the best bewitched moments on the appearance for anybody were aback you’d see these access or you’d apprehend these access actuality fabricated in real-time.

EW: The Flanagan episode’s a absolutely acceptable analogy that, I think. 

DN: Absolutely. One of my favorites. We’ve accepted Flanagan abutting to ten years, I’d consistently advised him a abutting friend. So I anticipate he was actual adequate and accessible with us. In that episode, you apprehend him apprehend things about his activity that he hadn’t anticipation about before. Aback we were leaving, he absolutely said to us, “I had realizations today that I’ve never had before, about the affiliation I accomplish amid the choices in my assignment and my life.”

If you had a wishlist of big-time guests, like you’re aloof cutting for the moon, who are you gunning for?

EW: We could apparently go on and on with that, but I anticipate for us, the filmmakers that don’t alive in the U.S. I’m bedeviled with the bedmate and wife aggregation abaft The Aberrant Color Of Your Body’s Tears and…

Let The Corpses Tan.

EW: Oh fuck me, man. I anticipate they’re such amazing filmmakers, and it’s awe-inspiring to me that not added bodies apperceive who they are. I would adulation to sit bottomward with them. I’m additionally bedeviled with the angle of husband-wife teams, bodies who assignment together, filmmakers or producers, or whatever. Any aesthetic assemblage assignment dynamic. I anticipate it’s absolutely interesting.

DN: I anticipate a lot of it is additionally geographical. There are bodies that were on the account that we’d achievement maybe they’d be in L.A., we aloof didn’t accept the biking budget. We’d adulation to do Lynne Ramsay or Claire Denis. We accept a massive database of bodies that we would like. We achievement we get to do more.

Wine Cork Projects and Crafts | Guide Patterns

Wine Cork Projects and Crafts | Guide Patterns

EW: It’s not aloof filmmakers. We appetite to accomplish every division as assorted as possible.

DN: And everyone’s advancing at their aesthetic processes– there’s consistently commonalities, but a biographer or a assembly designer: as continued as we can affix them to the genre, afresh they accommodated the criteria.

What’s the scariest cine both of y’all accept apparent recently? It can be a new one or an old one. 

EW: But we accept to accept apparent it recently?

Yeah. The aboriginal one that comes to mind. Aftermost acceptable abhorrence cine you saw.

DN: Scariest or best? Those are two different–

Fair. Okay, let’s go scariest because I anticipate scariest is absolutely added attenuate than “good.”

EW: This doesn’t calculation – it’s not alike admissible. I was activity to say Chernobyl, but it’s not a abhorrence movie.

I would altercate that that counts as horror. 

EW: Well, it’s accurate horror, it’s article that absolutely happened and a lot of people’s lives were tragically afflicted by it. Yeah man, that got beneath my skin. I begin it disturbing, uncomfortable, and beautifully made. The performances are so incredible. I can’t anticipate of the aftermost abhorrence cine I saw that air-conditioned me out.

DN: I anticipate it’s harder aback you accomplish abhorrence movies, to see abaft that curtain. It’s adamantine to get scared. That’s consistently an acquaintance I’m chasing. There accept been abhorrence films area there’s awe at the accomplishment, but I don’t apperceive if I acquainted afraid watching them. 

EW: I’m a little behind, too. I ability accept had an acknowledgment for you if I were a little added up to date. I still haven’t apparent Hagazussa on Shudder, which came out aftermost year. There’s a account of things that I’ve yet to see, that accept appear out this year. 

DN: I’m generally acutely abaft on new films because we’re so busy. I alone saw It a brace of canicule ago, and I was absolutely afraid during some of the antic sequences. That was the aftermost one that got my adrenaline pumping.

EW: I’ve gotta say, [Birth.Movies.Death. is] doing a actual acceptable job of acknowledging the bodies accomplishing the best absorbing stuff. It’s got to be said how amazing it is that there are bags of bodies activity to a cinema to see the aberancy that is Midsommar. There are bodies that anticipate they’re activity to see a abhorrence cine that will be absolutely bummed. That cine is a admirable fucking crazy art film. It’s a absolute Trojan horse! It fabricated me so blessed walking out of that cinema and thinking, “Oh my god, there are bodies that anticipate they’re accepting article they are not”, and that is incredible. I accept abundant account for Ari and his work.

DN: Alike admitting I didn’t see it recently, for some acumen a cine that bound into my apperception is The Entity. Some of the genitalia are so advancing – I ability name that as the scariest cine I’ve anytime seen. It’s absolutely scary.

Man, I don’t alike apperceive what I would alike analyze as the scariest – actually, I do. I anticipate Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is maybe the scariest affair that I’ve anytime seen.

DN: Oh, that’s a acceptable one.

It’s terrifying. Already you get accomplished the prologue and it gets into the Laura Palmer stuff, aggregate from there on out is aloof abhorrent and upsetting.

What’s your admired acidity of horror, though? If Midsommar is folk horror, Halloween is slashers, so on and so forth, is there one that you favor over others?

EW: Yeah, I adulation all abhorrence but I anticipate I can be fatigued to abhorrence that is emotionally impactful. Also, abhorrence that- and we allocution about this a lot, as it’s one of the credo which our aggregation is predicated on – the abhorrence area you can abolish the brand elements and you can still a acute adventure and not aloof blind their hat on brand specifically. Whether that’s an emotionally impactful adventure or aloof article you can affix with, those are the abhorrence movies that I anticipate additionally accept the best abiding consequence and accumulate affecting bodies bearing to generation. There’s no trick, there’s article absolute at its core. That’s the actuality I tend to approach against the most. 

Christmas crafts. Christmas decorations on wooden background ...

Christmas crafts. Christmas decorations on wooden background …

DN: For me, it’s the apparition story. It’s consistently been my admired subgenre of horror. They’re the best elegant, they’re the best emotional, they’re the best character-driven. They’re about consistently consistently about accident and grief. 

EW: The Changeling.

DN: The Changeling. The Innocents is the cine that I consistently adduce as my admired abhorrence film. Carnival of Souls. It’s ironically a brand we’ve never touched. I anticipate we’re so careful about it that we’d accept to accept the capacity for an constant masterpiece if we were to do article about ghosts. 

EW: I’ve consistently admired this too as a kid. It connects to what’s possible. Those movies tend to be added allusive because it could absolutely happen. I still anticipate that Paranormal Activity is a masterpiece.

DN: Same, I adulation it. 

EW: That aboriginal blur is so able because it cuts to the bulk of that fear, and it places that abhorrence in your home. 

DN: It’s a archetypal apparition adventure that places it in the home, but it additionally a devastatingly calumniating account of an calumniating relationship. It’s about a admirer – she’s argumentation with him to stop and he won’t stop. It’s a toxic, abhorrent relationship. I anticipate that’s why the cine is so scary, it’s the activating amid the lovers added than it is the ghost.

EW: Which wouldn’t accept been accessible afterwards The Blair Witch Project.

DN: Which wouldn’t accept been accessible afterwards Ghostwatch.

EW: Somebody aloof did an articulate history of the authoritative of the Blair Witch Project, and they allocution about the action from alpha to end. It’s so account the read. It’s so fascinating. They had been aggravating to get that cine fabricated for a brace of years. Aloof the casting action and how they planned it and set up the campsite, it’s aloof so abundant smarter than it bare to be.

The affair that still shocks me about Blair Witch is that aback it came out, bodies anticipation it was real. It’s crazy to anticipate of that now, but that was the exact appropriate moment in time area you had the ability of the internet to advance it around, but not so abundant that bodies were array of acrimonious to it and automatically calling babble on it.

EW: The abstraction of a begin footage cine hadn’t existed yet! They set up their own website about the missing kids and fabricated the belief of the Blair Witch. I saw it on either a austere DVD or a VHS that addition might’ve had, and I anticipation it ability be real.

Wow, really?

DN: All of it goes aback to Dracula and Frankenstein, the novels. The epistolary novel, it’s the aboriginal adjustment of begin footage. Faux abstracts of an accident that presents as real. I accumulate apprehensive aback someone’s activity to bulk out how to do that in a new medium, to ambush people. You accept to consistently construe that to a new average to bolt bodies off-guard.

Finally, what can you acquaint us about Color Out Of Space? 

EW: We’ve apparent the movie, it’s bound and in post-production. The score, the effects, all of that – it’s happening. We adulation it. Accepting a adventitious to assignment with Richard (Stanley) on this…man, we’ve been aggravating to get this cine fabricated for a cardinal of years, and it was bewitched to be on set with Richard and this cine for so long. Aloof seeing the actors with him, to see him with the casting and the aggregation on the set in his applicable abode as a filmmaker was appealing cool.

DN: For us, there are two homecomings for Color Out Of Space. One is Richard, for whom an astronomic bulk of time delayed amid his aftermost affection blur and this one. Everyone, apparently including him, wasn’t abiding what would happen. What was absolutely absurd to watch was that he was afraid to get aback in the saddle, but the moment he accustomed on set, it was like not a moment had passed. He was in abounding ascendancy of his adroitness as a filmmaker. The irony is that we were aggravating to accomplish this movie, and there was so abundant all-overs about him. This was hands-down the smoothest assembly we had anytime experienced. It was the adverse of Dr. Moreau.

I accept that Lovecraft is one of the best affecting armament in abhorrence that exists, and yet ironically, there has never been a absolute adjustment of his assignment that captures what he did on the page. I’m a big fan of Stuart Gordon as a filmmaker, as well, but in some means I anticipate he did accident to Lovecraft. By bells himself to Lovecraft…those are Stuart Gordon films, not Lovecraft films. I adulation those films, of course, but I anticipate it conflated two brands in a way that was confusing. Bodies apprehend “Lovecraft” and they anticipate of comedy. They anticipate of Re-Animator. But Lovecraft has no ball at all. It’s austere catholic dread. So we capital a Lovecraft blur that Lovecraft would be appreciative of. Aback we heard about Richard’s Lovecraft script, we were like, “Send that bits over appropriate now!” I bethink calling Elijah afterwards account aloof the aboriginal folio of the calligraphy and actuality like, “This is it. We begin it.” He absolutely ample out a way to blur the un-filmable in this movie. It’s absolutely arresting and decidedly actual emotional. It’s a adventure about a ancestors you affliction about deeply.

EW: Yeah, an aspect of Amblin, in a way.

DN: Yeah. So we can’t delay for bodies to see it, it’s not far off.


14 Best Christmas Wood Crafts - DIY Holiday Wood Projects ...

14 Best Christmas Wood Crafts – DIY Holiday Wood Projects …

Once again, Visitations can be streamed area your admired podcasts can be found, including via Apple podcasts, Spotify, and alike anon through your TV on the Shudder app. I awful acclaim this alternation (the Richard Stanley adventure is decidedly compelling, if you’re attractive for a specific recommendation). Give it a circle on your abutting continued drive!

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