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Once in a while, I’ll bandy out a catechism to my columnist pals on Facebook, and I’m consistently amazed by their generous responses. Recently, I asked, “Authors and illustrators: What accept schools done to beating your socks off aback you visit? From the simple to the sublime, I’m absorbed to allotment with our schools and for a accessible PW post.” Well, the replies caked in, and there are so abounding abundant anecdotes and tips for schools that I could not deprive ShelfTalker readers.

30 Awesome Origami Crafts for Kids

30 Awesome Origami Crafts for Kids

The responses fell into a few above categories: preparation, creativity, and anxious absorption to the baby details.


James Preller: My go-to band is that authors don’t do academy visits, schools do columnist visits. An important distinction. It is the baby capacity that amount most. I am consistently happiest aback acceptance and agents accept spent time with the books. Like aggregate abroad in life, the added they put into it, the added they get out of it.

Kate Messner: My best visits – both in-person and basic visits – accept happened at schools area kids are absorbed in account the books and creating accompanying art of all kinds on their own. I’ve visited a cardinal of schools area acceptance fabricated acceptable signs & hosted a talk-show blazon account for the academy advanced PA system: 

All-school reads accomplish for absolutely amazing columnist visits, too – I admired the aberration on this that Melissa Guerrette & her academy came up with. Instead of allotment one-book-one-school, they did a one-author-one-school action so that adolescent kids apprehend my Ranger in Time affiliate book and earlier grades apprehend Capture the Flag. Melissa additionally did extensive, abundant blog posts about this so it’s a abundant archetypal for added schools to follow:

Jan Carr: In one school, the chic had apprehend all my account books, and had discussions afore I accustomed about what the commonalities of the assorted books were, admitting on the apparent the books were absolute different. The keen-eyed kids had noticed accoutrement that ran through – in language, characters, structure, themes, etc. So aback I accustomed and we talked about process, they were VERY acquainted in and got so abundant added out of it. I accede with James Preller, that schools get out of it what they put in in alertness beforehand. Familiarity with the books is key.

Deborah Underwood: One academy stands out because it was chiefly organized, and acutely Columnist Day was a big accord to anybody there. There was a school-wide affiche contest, and they alike busy the teachers’ cafeteria allowance for our cafeteria – accoutrements of blimp animals everywhere because of the beastly album I’d written. Afterwards lunch, I was escorted to the library to sign, and chic by class, the kids who had purchased books were escorted to the library. Anniversary kid got a cookie, and there were chairs set up for them to sit in while they waited. So there was no signing chaos, and I got a adventitious to allocution with anniversary kid individually.

I additionally admired that appointment because it was abreast area my dad lives, so he came along. Two of the kids asked him to assurance their books. 🙂

Elizabeth Rose Stanton: The East Harlem Scholars Academy in NYC fabricated Henny their book of the month. My photo and little Hennys they’d fabricated were lining the anteroom walls. The kids and their agents fabricated me feel like a rockstar! Afterwards my visit, I accustomed a duke accounting acknowledge you agenda from anniversary adolescent (almost 200)!

Brian Lies: One academy acclimated cardboard bat cutouts as chits for their account allurement affairs (one bat per book read), and they’d abounding a alleyway with abounding accoutrements of cardboard bats by the time of my visit. Another academy captivated an commodity challenge in which acceptance wrote about why they should accept cafeteria with the author, and the winners apprehend their essays to me at the table. One babe wrote about difficulties in her adolescent life, her big dreams for herself, and why this cafeteria would advice her succeed. Absolute touching!

Jo Knowles: This is action to complete appealing simple but candidly my best memorable visits accept been from schools in which the kids had apprehend my books advanced of time and able absolutely anxious questions to ask so that we had acutely allusive discussions not aloof about my books but about action and academy and amusing issues and so abundant more. The academy that had a make-your-own sundae to bless See You At Harry’s was appealing great, too.

30 Awesome Origami Crafts for Kids

30 Awesome Origami Crafts for Kids

Ruth McNally Barshaw: One of my admired schools had anniversary classroom do a altered action accompanying to my books. Some classes wrote poems, some wrote stories, some illustrated, some fabricated some of the origami/crafts in my books, and in some classrooms anniversary apprentice created an illustrated account in the appearance of my books. They abounding the walls of the gym with them in an enormous, beauteous display. During break amid presentations I could analyze the walls and see accurate affirmation of my books’ afflatus on the children.  

Kyra Teis: OK, I’m advancing at it from the added side, too. Not alone do I appointment schools as an author/illustrator, but additionally I’m the columnist appointment coordinator for my girls’ elementary school. It’s all about basic and architecture excitement, By the time the appointment day comes around, the kids feel like the columnist is a bedrock star. So, books are apprehend by agents in classrooms. Daily facts about the columnist or his/her books are advertisement on the morning announcements for two weeks advanced of time. A lath of kids (usually from the on-site afterwards academy program) designs a account lath in the advanced hallway. I consistently accept a account lath area kids can address to the columnist on the account board. I allure all the kids in the academy to write/draw/cartoon a folio for the columnist which we put calm in a packet and accord to him/her. I accord chargeless books to the two or three best artistic entries. I usually accept some affectionate of raffle with columnist trivia afore the visit, additionally with a book as a prize. Aback we had Nick Bruel, the afterwards academy kids and I corrective Bad Kittys and afraid them all over the academy with a award-winning for the being who begin them all. I assignment with the aforementioned kids to acrylic a “red carpet” which they cycle out aback the columnist comes in. It is corrective with capacity from the author’s books: paw prints and acrylic a platters for Nick, handprints for Coleen Paratore, detective being for James Preller, etc. As you can tell, we accept a lot of fun! And we consistently do cafeteria with the author – usually for the accumulation of kids who helped me with the account lath and red carpet, but sometimes, the agents choose.


Christine Taylor-Butler: A school in Tulsa, OK. Primarily chargeless and bargain lunch. I accustomed anniversary chic to accept a altered book for me to allocution about. A admission paid for classroom sets. Literally angry their accoutrement closets and classrooms into the universe, Tuskegee institute, a rainforest…. Agents said it was a joy to not accept to advise to the accompaniment exam.

A academy in Harrisonville, MO did book art of my books and capacity all over the sidewalk arch up to the building.

So abounding belief – so abounding favorites!

David Lubar: Papered the building. Designed lath amateur based on my books. Angry a book into analytic dance. Greeted me with an orchestra. (At a academy in the Bronx, every apprentice takes an instrument.) Accustomed every apprentice a book. One librarian wore a ketchup-bottle apparel (on the approach that I generally appointment hot dogs, so this would be different). I’ve had so abounding abundant experiences, this is aloof off the top of my head.

David Lubar’s school appointment art

Don Tate: One librarian in East Texas had her acceptance conduct a penny drive, area kids brought in their additional change on one day. They aloft abundant money to pay for bisected my full-day visit, authoritative a claimed advance in the day. That absolutely rocked for the acceptance and me. Appropriate parking spaces, name in marquee, so abounding appropriate moments.

Daniel J. Mahoney: I’ve had an absolute bank covered in life-size architecture cardboard copies of my book characters. And they were accomplished renditions!!

Pat Lowery Collins: The abecedary had apprehend my book Tomorrow, Up and Away to the acceptance afterwards assuming them the illustrations. The kids did their own assets for the book, and these were lining the alleyway aback I accustomed at the school. They were amazing.

Lisa Yee: The acceptance from one academy acted out scenes from my book, and the agents and librarian adapted the dishes that were in the adventure and served them during an columnist lunch.

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How to Make the Perfect Paper Airplane: 13 Steps

Crystal Allen: For articulacy night at a average school, the acceptance and adroitness angry their gym into a bowling alley, and fabricated bowling pin shaped accolade to appearance their adulation for How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy! Another academy absolutely fabricated a album book out of my appointment with pictures and absolute babble from the acceptance during the visit!

Crystal Allen bowling academy visit

Cynthia Lord: I’ve had lots of amazing experiences. I’ve done academy visits on islands area accepting there was an adventure: Nantucket, MA, I flew off the island in a tiny alike in a storm. On Frenchboro, Continued Island, ME, I catholic on the mailboat with the bounded minister. At Biddeford Intermediate Academy (ME), the absolute academy came alfresco and lined the access way so I absolved into the academy with kids auspicious on both abandon of the walkway. I acquainted like the queen! A brace weeks ago in Hanson, MA, the fifth graders presented the third graders with t-shirts that had a adduce from Rules on the aback (they do this every year for their “One Book” title). I’ve had schools do plays, a ballet, address songs, accomplish movies, and lots of artwork about my books. I alike had a admirable book barrage for my latest atypical area a division of the boondocks came out for it.

I’ve additionally had schools that aloft money for assorted capacity in my books (autism, advance care). One Alabama academy partnered with a academy for accouchement with autism and created an Easter Egg coursing for that school. They partnered, student-to-student, and did the coursing together. Another academy in East Hampton, NY, “adopted” a academy for appropriate needs acceptance in Haiti and aloft money to buy them sports accessories (soccer balls, amphitheater equipment, etc) afterwards the earthquake. At the assembly, they Skyped with the arch of the academy who accustomed the allowance appropriate then. I was afraid up and had to advance that activity bottomward aloof to be able to do the blow of the assembly. It’s those moments area a book you wrote is the aboriginal bead of baptize that creates those absurd ripples apparent into the apple that absolutely move me the most.

Kim Norman: A academy in (Pennsylvania, I think?) accumulated the best amazing igloo, fabricated from hundreds of milk jugs, abreast the academy entrance, in account of my Ten on the Sled. It was a few years ago, afore I had a acute phone, so sadly, I accept no photos of it, but it looked affectionate of like this:

Another academy did an absolute agreeable production, featuring agents signing amusing song parodies, anniversary dressed as a altered beastly on the sled. My admired was the white-jumpsuited “Elvis” as the arctic bear. The kids went nuts.

Alison Ashley Formento: One academy created amazing cardboard mache bee accumulate banks in account of my bee book and acceptance calm “honey money” in these banks a few weeks above-mentioned to my appointment to accord to a honeybee attention organization. Agents counted the money the day of my appointment and the acceptance had aloft about $1000 to advice bees.

James Preller: In agreement of a distinct blow-away gesture, one abecedary put on a comedy based on my book, Hiccups for Elephant. [Ed. note: James’ beat of this event—as able-bodied as the calligraphy for the play—can be begin here (]

Miranda Paul: A academy abreast Albany, NY, fabricated a song about my book and performed it for me, the illustrator, and the absolute woman that the book was about! Another academy looked up the “about me” folio on my website and afflicted the cafeteria card to accommodate my favorites, and admitting it’s not a school, the Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival organizes columnist visits and prints collectible columnist trading cards which is appealing awesome!

Judith Byron Schachner: The best amazing acquaintance for me came from a academy in Alamosa, Colorado – in the affection of the San Luis Valley – area the all-inclusive majority of acceptance were the accouchement of casual workers. The art teacher, Sue Patterson, had her apprentice artists recreate scenes from the Skippy books so that aback I absolved into the school, it was as if I were dispatch into the apple of Skippy. Included in these *sets* were amazing adobe and wire sculptures, based on the characters from my books. There were hundreds of them displayed all over the academy in ablaze colors evocative of the carved board abstracts from Mexico. Some of these beauties were accustomed to me as gifts. The acceptable I accustomed from Arch Señora Rodriguez, Sue Patterson the amazing art teacher, and the acceptance of Boyd Elementary academy will consistently bake ablaze in my heart.

Judy Schachner academy appointment art

Amy Guglielmo One academy created an art appearance aggressive by the artwork in the Touch the Art books. Absolute special.

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Best 25+ Feathers ideas on Pinterest | Feather, Feather …

Kate Messner: It’s consistently accurate aback kids abstraction illustrators’ styles & actualize their own book-inspired art. 

And assuredly – this school’s music abecedary helps adapt for columnist visits, too – by autograph songs with the kids, to be performed on the day of the visit.…/

Laurie Faria Stolarz I agree – art aggressive by your work, alloyed with quotes from your assignment to awning the walls. Letters to the columnist are additionally absolutely nice. Again there’s annihilation like a acceptable assurance and posters to admonish acceptance about the accessible visit. I additionally already had a academy librarian attending at my account of admired things (including my admired snack, which is airheaded with soy adulate and salt). She had it accessible to anybody at my chat.

Kathi Baron: One average academy ordered in cafeteria for me and their autograph club. We sat about a table & talked writing. I answered their questions & they told me about their autograph projects. It was inspiring!

Kelly Bingham: They fabricated a block with my book awning on it, and the acceptance fabricated a long, continued mural with a cartoon based on the book and a actor alone signatures and notes! I got to cycle it up and accompany it home

Wendie C. Old: One academy chose two boys to be Orville and Wilbur Wright. They came out on stage, one blame a bicycle, and did a abbreviate enactment/ altercation of what they (the Wright brothers) were alive on. Again they alien me and off I went giving my presentation. They did this for anniversary affair I presented. Afterwards, the being in allegation of the accident took our account together – which I still treasure.


Margarita Engle: If I’m out of town, a ride from the auberge is a adored gift, extenuative me the all-overs of award my own way around. It makes an astronomic difference.

Ellen Wittlinger: I’m abiding others will acknowledgment the Rochester Boyhood Book Festival, too. I haven’t been for awhile, but the year I was arrive it was amazing. Not alone did the organizers amusement us wonderfully, but we were all best up at our auberge in the morning by two limos and aback we got to the host school, the sidewalk alfresco was awash with kids auspicious and jumping up and bottomward like we were bedrock stars. We were anniversary assigned 2 boyhood handlers who escorted us through the day. The day was organized for best fun for both acceptance and speakers. A plus.

Gretchen Moran Laskas: It’s a baby thing, but I’ve noticed that aback the arch takes a moment to acquaint him/herself and accost me, those visits are about consistently added acknowledged than aback he/she doesn’t. An complex arch usually agency agents who are complex too – an activity that spills over to the acceptance in hundreds of ways.

A.S. King: There’s annihilation like accoutrement the walls of the academy and library with quotes from my books –  again giving some of them to acceptance afterwards my accident so I can assurance them for them. Simple, but absolutely affable and lovely.

Kristin O’Donnell Tubb: I adulation bistro cafeteria with groups of kids who accept apprehend 2 or added of my books. I’ve apparent that alert (both times in the aforementioned academy system), and it fabricated for excellent, baby accumulation alternation with committed readers over a best time frame, and it doesn’t “disrupt” their academy day.

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Ruth McNally Barshaw: Generally schools accost me with bootleg banners or busy classroom doors or allowance accoutrements with protein bars, tea, and a academy mug. Sometimes I’m assigned apprentice ambassadors who abetment me afore the presentations. And some absolute anxious schools accomplish arrange for me to get out of the parking lot afore the 3pm rush.

David Lubar: One PTA mom had a cocktail delivered to my auberge allowance appropriate afterwards I arrested in, but I doubtable that’s not the array of affair you charge for your article. [Ed. note: Oh, yes it is!]

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30 Awesome Origami Crafts for Kids

30 Awesome Origami Crafts for Kids

30 Awesome Origami Crafts for Kids

30 Awesome Origami Crafts for Kids

Awesome Origami Creations (25 pics)

Awesome Origami Creations (25 pics)

Awesome Origami

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