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Clever is an ambiguous talent. The Alabama built-in is currently in the bosom of alarming up afterwards his actualization on Juice WRLD’s best contempo anthology A Death Race For Love. The absolution of aftermost year’s “When Alone You Will Do” put him on people’s alarm and already he featured on “Ring Ring,” everybody had the aforementioned catechism on their minds: Who Is Clever? 

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Amazing DIY Room Decor! 10 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home 2019 …

For over a decade, the recording artisan has been honing his craft, acquirements the ins and outs of the business and adapting to his surroundings. The ascent brilliant started as a poet, autograph rhymes afore transitioning into the apple of music. You may be allurement yourself why it took so continued for Clever to alpha accepting civic attention. A few years ago, his buzz was not as active as it is today. Nowadays, bodies like 21 Savage, the Migos, Lil Baby, G Herbo and added are aggravating to get in the flat with him. Things weren’t consistently that way though. 

After a assignment in bastille and a characterization accord gone wrong, Clever is assuredly aback on his anxiety and he’s accessible to accomplish a above impact. Offering article that cipher abroad in the bold can absolutely encapsulate, the Alabama artisan is on clip to end the year in arch fashion. Afterward the absolution of his new activity Who Is Clever?, we batten with the artisan to apprentice added about what he’s all about.

Read our abounding account below, edited for accuracy and length.

HNHH: What’s acceptable Clever, how you doing?

Clever: I’m good. I’m accepting my face tatted at the moment.

You’re accepting your face tatted?

As we speak, yeah.

What are you getting?

I’m absolutely accoutrement one up. I’ma get an awning beneath my eye.

Any acceptation for that, or you aloof acquainted like accepting an umbrella?

Like teardrops, like raindrops. There’s no abundant acceptation abaft it, no. It’s aloof the best affair I could appear up with to awning up this animal ass tat that I got.

I feel you on that bro. It’s a amusement to allege with you. I capital to alpha off with the catechism on everybody’s mind: Who is Clever?

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DIY Amazing Handmade Crafts. How to Make an Origami Vase …

You know, I’m aggravating to get to apperceive him myself. I’m aloof an artisan from Alabama, bro. Aloof aggravating to accomplish my way one song at a time. We’ve done a lot of singles. This anthology was for the fans, to affectionate of accord them something, I feel like it wasn’t sitting about cat-and-mouse for shit. It was time to cull the trigger. But to acquaint you who I am, to accomplish it simple, I’m aloof an accustomed artisan aggravating to accomplish a way.

I account that. There’s not a lot of admonition about you online. I apprehend about that you had been authoritative music for over a decade, you said you’re from Alabama. Acquaint us about your upbringing. What led you to this path?

Well, aboriginal on I was autograph poetry. Eventually, I transitioned into hip-hop music. At first, I was accomplishing added straight-rap blazon stuff. I was a 106 & Park “Freestyle Friday” champion, way aback when. On BET, I did BET Spring Bling’s bathe battle. I won that aback in 2006, and we’re talking about a continued time ago. At some point, I had a acceptable afterward about town, in my hometown which is a baby burghal in Alabama. I got asked to accept my own radio appearance on a bounded bright access base and did that for a acceptable bit. Eventually, I did some time, got into some trouble, it captivated me aback a acceptable bit. I got into a shitty deal, which captivated me aback addition four years, or so. During that time I was autograph songs for added people. I got a adjustment with Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, some old-school heads. I was autograph aggregate beneath the sun, really. I got with a lot of altered publishing companies out in LA and was autograph songs with David Foster and a agglomeration of cats. I wrote a accomplished anthology for this Israel duo that was admonition from Hebrew to English.

Shit, that’s fucking cool.

Yeah, bro. I wrote fucking opera songs, I wrote Christmas songs, I wrote em’ all. But at some point, already I got out of the shitty deal, it was time to get aback to accomplishing some abandoned shit, and accepting aback to work, and accomplishing what it is that I do. As anon as we got out of the deal, the aboriginal song and video we did was “When Alone You Will Do.” We got a lot of game, a lot of absorption off of“When Alone You Will Do” and loyalty, and things like that. We concluded up band with Lil Bibby. That’s affectionate of what put me and Juice [WRLD] together. Afterwards that, it’s aloof been larboard and right. Bodies advancing at us, absent to do records. Appropriate now we’re talking to Post Malone about possibly bringing him into the picture. So it’s aloof one affair on to the abutting bro.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been seeing. You’ve been air-conditioned with Post a lot. Personally, I anticipate that you two accept this affectionate of vibe that would complete absolute calm on a track. You both go for that little vibrato vibe, like acute melody-making. 

Yeah, absolutely.

Have you guys been in the flat together?

No, you apperceive we got a almanac we been alive on. I’ve already done my allotment of it, he already knows every chat to it, so I brainstorm he’s gonna comedy with it. I anticipate it’s activity to be a done deal. Me and Tyla Yahweh aloof laid one down. Me and Skrillex got a almanac that’s activity to appear out soon. I alike chit chatted with Justin Bieber about accomplishing a song with him on his new album.

You’re activity crazy out actuality appropriate now, Clever!

You know, it’s attractive up. Hopefully, we can get some of those nailed down. But I’m accessible to do abandoned bits too. I got a agglomeration of abandoned annal aloof sitting on the shelf that’s agog to go. A lot of the songs you apprehend on the EP are songs that I adulation personally. But, we accept a assemblage of that shit. There are at atomic 60-75 songs that are aloof as good, if not bigger afresh those records, that are aloof sitting around. It was time to put some of that out. I acquainted like we alone had four or bristles annal out for a continued time and it was absolutely time for bodies to sit bottomward and get to accept to a acceptable bit of what we do.

Absolutely. It’s nice to see you alarming up. Do you bethink the exact moment that you fell in adulation with music?



Man, growing up my mother acclimated to apple-pie this church. I would go bottomward there and arctic in the sanctuary. I was maybe 7 or 8 years-old and I would aloof blast on the piano. I concluded up acquirements how to run the soundboard at that place. Aloof aggravating to amount out how to about-face the microphone on took me eight or nine trips of activity with her aloof to go comedy about in abbey while she was accomplishing her thing. So, I anticipate about that point. My dad, already aloft a time we was activity bottomward a alley and he was arena this old John Mellencamp record, and he paused the almanac and told me what the band said. He rewound it aback and it was a funny ass line, he played it aback and we had a acceptable beam about it. I anticipate aloof that bond, alive that it creates that blazon of band amid two people, aloof did it for me. Autograph poetry, it aloof seemed like music was the alone affair I wasn’t autograph at that time. I began to adulation it aback I saw it as a challenge, lyrically. Everybody sings in the shower, but it’s addition affair to lay it down. Already you alpha alert to yourself and critiquing yourself, I mean…I was consistently a aggressive being and aggravating to be the best at aggregate I did. So for me, music was added than aloof an escape from reality. It was article that I capital to strive to be bigger at. I anticipate at some point it’s too backward to about-face aback and you gotta aloof accumulate trucking. But, I beggarly it’s adamantine to say absolutely aback I fell in adulation with it. I’ve consistently been in adulation with music, who hasn’t?

That’s amazing. Your new EP, Who is Clever?, I feel like it’s activity to be an addition to your music for a lot of people. What affectionate of acquaintance do you appetite bodies to get out of it?

For me, it’s absolutely acceptable aback bodies chronicle to the music in a way that helps them get through things, or feel some affectionate of affecting affiliation to what I do. But, at the aforementioned time I capital to about-face their active and accomplish them say “Who this is?”, you apperceive what I’m saying? Like, who the fuck is this Clever dude? So, melodically I try to do things that accomplish you say, “Wow, this is a little bit different.” That’s what I absolutely appetite them to get out of it. Aloof that this is article new and it’s not the aforementioned old babble songs concept-wise. It may be in the ballpark, but it’s a little capricious at the aforementioned time. Article new, article fresh.

I anticipate that’s appropriate admitting because that’s article bodies are consistently attractive for. Bodies are activity to apprehend that and appropriate away, that’s article that makes somebody a fan.

Yeah, absolutely. There’s so abundant music that’s put out by almanac companies and being like that, and they try to do whatever is already alive and it makes faculty from a banking standpoint. But, aback you attending at the greats like Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles, they weren’t necessarily accomplishing what the guys afore them were doing. They were accomplishing article ground-breaking. At this point in music, I feel like bodies anticipate that it’s so adamantine to do article that hasn’t been done before, but you’re never activity to get anywhere abutting to accomplishing that aloof aggravating to booty what inspires you to do this and aloof artful that. For me, it’s all about blame it further. 

For sure. From your lyrics, I get a faculty that you’re a actual deep, about abstract person. Is that fair to say?

Yeah, absolutely.

There’s a lot of contemporary agreeable about heartbreak, drugs, and things alternating those curve on this project. Is it ameliorative for you to sing about this type of being and get that out in the world?

Absolutely. A lot of it aboriginal on was a agency of escape. Already you address it, it’s about like you’re putting it down, whether you’re autograph on pen and pad, or on your phone, or aloof alert to it on an mp3 of some sort, you get it off your chest and put it about else. So, for me, it’s about aloof as ameliorative as the artisan as it is for the adviser to accept to it and chronicle to it. I can about see a timeline from how I acquainted in that moment aback I accept to an old song. I accept to the records, I’m one of my better critics, but I accept to my music a lot. Added than I accept to anybody else. I’m alert to my bits over and over aggravating to accomplish it what it is. It’s additionally ameliorative for me aloof to claiming myself aback it comes to wordplay, metaphors, and bifold entendres, and so forth. It’s a game, in a sense. You’re absolutely extensive to try to say article that’s never been said and put it in a way that alone you can say it. It’s ameliorative in a lot of ways, abnormally emotionally aback you can get it off your chest and put it bottomward about else.

What goes through your apperception aback you’re autograph that affectionate of stuff, abnormally songs like “Wooden Box” and “Commissary.” I feel like those are some of the best able songs on the project.

Right, well, “Wooden Box” aloof comes from experience. It may chronicle to you in a altered way or hit you a little hard. But aloof reliving the adventures on cardboard or a almanac is a ameliorative affair for me. But “Wooden Box” and “Commissary” are in the aforementioned ballpark, it relates to the aforementioned subject. The activity that goes into anniversary song is consistently the same. You’re aggravating to dig as abysmal as you can into what you accomplished in hopes that those who accomplished the aforementioned affair can chronicle to it, or vibe to it. 

You were talking about Juice WRLD before. I capital to ask about the “Ring Ring” accord because I feel like that’s what alien you to added of a boilerplate admirers this year. Acquaint me about how you guys affiliated up.

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How To Make Amazing Origami Paper Rose – Handmade Crafts

Well it was through G Money and Lil Bibby. Me and Karltin had already been administration a lot of the aboriginal video clips that we hadn’t appear yet on his page. We were captivation on to them for a minute. Lil Bibby came beyond them, somehow G Money came beyond them through MyMixtapez. MyMixtapez hit us up and was absolutely vibing to our bits aboriginal on. They hit up G Money, who is Lil Bibby’s brother. Juice WRLD is active to the aforementioned absolute assembly aggregation that I’m additionally with that’s endemic by Lil Bibby. Aback I went to LA to accommodated with Bibby and G Money for the aboriginal time, Juice WRLD was there. It was in his Airbnb that they were all blame it. He was recording a song with Kodak [Black], I think, and Ski Mask, and a agglomeration of those bodies from No Jumper. But aback I absolved in I was alien to everybody and Juice had already listened to “Loyalty.” He was like, “Yo, you’re the dude that sings that ‘Loyalty’ song” and the song hadn’t appear out yet. But he had heard the atom and of advance he heard the mp3 through Bibby and G Money. He was agitation with it aboriginal on and already we met, and afraid out for a little bit, smoked one, this, that, and the other, we was instantly cool. He has a affection for music, I was additionally a bathe guy way aback when, and he does a lot of freestyles so I account him as a bathe artist. Already we chit-chatted it was all love. Aback it came time for him to absolution an album, I was aboriginal in band to get a feature. I was absolutely activity to be on the song with him and Seezyn that went on the Spiderman soundtrack, but it affectionate of fell through. But his anthology came not continued afterwards that and I was advantageous abundant to get a slot.

Is there anyone in accurate that you absolutely appetite to assignment with in the future?

That’s a abundant question. There are several artists that I would adulation to assignment with. It’s funny, bodies would anticipate that I’m extensive out to a lot of bodies aggravating to get features, spending a bits ton of money. The accuracy is, we haven’t asked for a affection yet, and they’re all advancing to us. Luckily we’ve been adored to accept that appear to us. But I anticipate anybody that has a air-conditioned complete that’s not aggravating to ride that industry accepted “This is what music should complete like”, there’s no blueprint to music you know? I anticipate that anybody that has an absorbing article about their songwriting wise, or locally, I would adulation to assignment with them. I don’t apperceive if I accept anybody in particular. There are some absorbing artists out there. I was a huge fan of Jay-Z. At some point, I would adulation to accept a almanac with Jigga, man.

That would be ailing actually! You said a lot of bodies accept been calling you, and you ahead said that 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Timbaland, Migos, and those kinds of guys were extensive out to you. Is there anybody abroad that’s banging your band these days?

Well, I get a lot of people. As I said, Justin Bieber aloof hit us up a brace of canicule ago. I’m activity to do a almanac with him, I think, for his album. Post Malone, anybody that affectionate of came into the account were not too shy about announcement it on Instagram. It’s larboard and right, I get a lot of producers that are absolutely dope. Me and Tank God are gonna do some stuff. Me and Tyla Yahweh got some being advancing out. The NoCap tape, I’m cerebration about accomplishing a band with Rylo Rodriguez.

That’s one of my admired songs on the project, by the way. The “Apartments” joint. I adulation it.

Yeah, so I can’t wait. We got a almanac that’s advancing out alleged “Hold Aback The River” that’s activity to be on NoCap’s project. Afresh we got a video for it. I anticipate we’re activity to bead on Worldstar or something, not sure. But it’s hopefully activity to appear out aural the abutting anniversary or two. But I adulation the Alabama thing. NoCap is from Alabama, Rylo Rodriguez is from Alabama, and so am I. So to do it for the home accompaniment is dope.

What affectionate of admonition would you accord to somebody that’s still active to accomplish it in the music business? 

I would say stick to one affair and try to adept it. Because a lot of bodies get on a altered wave. You see some bodies that got acclaimed from YouTube, or aback in the day it was MySpace. You had a brace of MySpace bodies that got big. There was a SoundCloud wave area there was a cardinal of bodies that got big on that platform. I anticipate if you focus on one belvedere and absolutely put your activity into that, you don’t appetite to advance yourself too attenuate on a agglomeration of platforms, you don’t appetite to be absent on added platforms, but I anticipate you should focus on one if you’re attractive to accretion followers. But honestly, the best admonition would be to stop afterward the norm. Aloof alpha accomplishing article that’s a little different. If you attending at bodies who are activity about trolling and aggravating to actor them, it’s the aforementioned old shit. There’s annihilation different, everybody takes about the aforementioned access in music today. At the end of the day, you gotta accept blockhead ass music so you charge to do article altered to about-face people’s active and angle out. Stick to one platform, try to adept that shit, and do article that they never heard before. Don’t accompany the aforementioned bits to the table, no one wants to apprehend that bits again. 

Facts. Now that the EP is out, what’s on tap for the blow of the year?

Yeah, we’re activity to be assuming at the Day N Vegas Festival in a few weeks. Then, I absolutely appetite to bead the NoCap tape. I anticipate his characterization is cat-and-mouse and they appetite to bead his abandoned activity first. We’ve been talking about accomplishing a “Stick By My Side” remix. I’m acquisitive that that’s activity to appear out at some point this year. Afresh it’s all about finishing some of the appearance we got activity with Post, Justin Bieber, me and [YFN] Lucci accomplishing a song. We got a lot of bits coming. We don’t stop. Of advance we’re advancing to do addition big run in 2020, but 19’ not over yet, and I anticipate we still got time. This years boilerplate abreast over, a brace of months can do a lot. We got added bits to drop. The “Hold Aback The River” collective was activity to be on this EP with NoCap, but it’s activity to be on his project. We could bead that video any day now. I’m acquisitive to bead that and the “Stick By My Side” remix afore this year is over with.

That’s agitative man, candidly I’m absolutely blessed to see that bodies are absolutely acrimonious up on you. It’s nice to see you succeed, and it’s absolutely nice to be able to allocution to you.



For sure, bro. I adulation HotNewHipHop.

I achievement you adore the blow of your day. Booty care.

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