12 Minute Crafts Diy Smartphone Projector

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Jim Salter

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How to make Smartphone Projector at home | DIY Shoe box …

Cinemood is a $300 ultra-portable, lithium-ion-powered projector in a failing (8oz) anatomy agency almost the admeasurement of a Rubik’s Cube. It’s an Android accessory with no video ascribe that projects from branch pre-loaded videos or onboard alive apps like Netflix or YouTube at 640×360—and it’s not a short-throw projector, either. In our testing, Cinemood bare a 12-foot bandy ambit to affectation a rather albino angel about the admeasurement of a 65-inch TV set.

In adjustment to abstain burying the lede, you ability as able-bodied apperceive up front, we do not acclaim this accessory at this price—but we do accept some adequate alternatives for you at the end of the analysis if you’re in the bazaar for a almost bargain and carriageable projector.

This is not a ample device. My 14-inch laptop, pictured, absolutely dwarfs the Cinemood box, let abandoned Cinemood itself.

Jim Salter

Every aftermost atom of affidavit for Cinemood, such as it is, is printed on the alfresco of this little box.

Jim Salter

In this ancillary appearance of Cinemood, we see a button apparent with what looks like an ample typo underline. This eventually angry out to be the ability button.

Jim Salter

This ancillary appearance of Cinemood shows what I would afterwards ascertain are the focus buttons. Victorinox (Swiss Army Knife) for scale.

Jim Salter

This is the top appearance of Cinemood, assuming us what amounts to a D-pad.

Jim Salter

Before we get into the absolute review, let’s allocution a little central baseball. A brace of months ago, a bell-ringer I’d never heard of pitched me on reviewing Vava—a high-end, 4K resolution, ultra-short-throw home amphitheater projector with a $2,500 amount tag. This projector claimed to accommodate a 150-inch affectation from alone a few inches’ distance, a Harmon-Kardon complete system, and more. I said sure, sounds fun.

A day or two later, I accustomed accession email requesting my aircraft abode so that the projector could be alien to me. The little detail I absent is that the appeal for a aircraft abode was not from the Vava person—it was from accession blame Cinemood, a $300 Internet of Things-grade projector that was neither ultra-short-throw nor 4K, nor able with annihilation at all like an chip Harmon-Kardon complete system.

With that accomplishments out of the way, let’s analysis Cinemood… and if you appetite to adore apperception my abashing and annoyance anniversary footfall of the way as I afield accept that I’m testing a $2,500 device, feel free.

There’s a growing trend in IoT accessories of aloof not aggravation with printed documentation, and assured the user will aces up all he or she needs to apperceive from the device’s smartphone app. Let it never be said that Cinemood is not trendy—there was no included affidavit whatsoever. I anticipation maybe I could get started afterwards installing the app at all, so I approved aloof active in the device. Its ability LED anon lit up green, but the projector didn’t blaze up, and experimentally acute every distinct button on it did annihilation at all.

This appliance is absolutely absolute little advice in ambience up or managing Cinemood.

Jim Salter

I am animated that Cinemood at atomic took the time to accomplish abiding users enabled Bluetooth and breadth services.

Jim Salter

It would accept been accessible if the app additionally told us that Cinemood itself bare to be powered on, that a blooming LED did not beggarly that it’s powered on, and that “fat red typo squiggle” was the ability button.

Jim Salter

The ability button, which is not apparent with a accepted ability button logo, does annihilation unless you continued columnist it.

Jim Salter

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5 Minute Me Smart Phone Projector Kaise Banaye Learn In …

I affected this meant I would charge to accessory a smartphone afore I could do annihilation with Cinemood, so I downloaded and installed the app. The app told me to accomplish abiding that Bluetooth and breadth casework were enabled and that I was abreast Cinemood. Eventually, I had to absolutely abode my buzz anon on the Cinemood. It still couldn’t acquisition the device, and it offered no added help.

Eventually, I started acute buttons about again. Aback I long apprenticed the button with an ample “you spelled it wrong” red doodle on it, the accessory powered off. Long-pressing the button afresh angry it aback on—but this time, the LED was white, not green, and the projector itself lit up, too. Success! Afterwards a diffuse antecedent cossack sequence, my buzz begin the projector and carnality versa, and I entered into an hour of bureaucracy hell.

During Cinemood’s bureaucracy sequence, you charge accord it your buzz number—and it charge be in abounding all-embracing format, including the 1. This is fabricated added difficult by the abridgement of a ” ” key on the on-screen keyboard; if you omit the , or the 1, or accomplish any of several added accessible formatting mistakes, Cinemood tells you the buzz cardinal is “invalid” but gives no added hints. Already you assuredly amount out you charge to put in the application your phone’s keyboard (since Cinemood’s own projected keyboard doesn’t accept one) the arrangement sends you an SMS for verification.

I saw a lot of this awning afore I assuredly accomplished it capital the abounding all-embracing format, including the additional sign.

Jim Salter

During the allocation of the bureaucracy bend breadth Cinemood asked for an email address, it assured me it would never charge a password. Guess what it asked me for aback I rebooted it?

Jim Salter

Aback I canceled the Cinemood app setup, it gave me this success screen. Let’s accelerate films!

Jim Salter

In accession to your buzz number, Cinemood tries to get a acclaim or debit agenda number—it looks like this is mandatory, but if you abbreviate your phone’s on-screen keyboard, you’ll acquisition a “skip” button to tap—and an email address. Already I’d auspiciously accustomed Cinemood aggregate it asked me for, it… well, it alternate me to the absolute alpha of the bureaucracy process. I went through this bend about four times afore giving up and power-cycling it. Acceptance accepting assured me during the bureaucracy bend that I’d never charge a password, it asked me for one aloft rebooting.

I went through this bureaucracy bend a few added times, power-cycled accession few added times, and eventually ample out absolutely the adapted time to hit “continue afterwards smartphone”—which absolutely aloof larboard me absolutely configured, with the smartphone app commutual and working.

Remember aback I said that I afield anticipation I was activity to be reviewing a $2,500 4K projector? I ample I’d charge a bigger affectation ambiance than I could adjure up at home, so I aloof some amplitude in a ample affair allowance with a big blind awning advised for the room’s own ceiling-mounted, high-def projector.

This was overkill.

I initially put Cinemood on this little board podium, alone a brace of anxiety from the screen, because I afield believed it would be an ultra-short-throw projector. It is not an ultra-short-throw projector.

Jim Salter

You charge a adequately continued bandy ambit to get a abundantly sized affectation out of Cinemood. This was about ten anxiety ambit and a almost 55-inch display.

Jim Salter

Cinemood is not a ablaze projector. With the allowance lights on and abundant bandy ambit for a 55-Inch display, you can’t alike acquaint it’s on.

Jim Salter

With Cinemood accursed up and the smartphone app assuredly paired, I started arena with the ambit and ablaze levels to acquisition breadth Cinemood was best comfortable. It bare at atomic ten anxiety of bandy ambit to get a adapted sized display, at which point it was too done out for the allowance lights to be up, or absolutely alike dim. With a almost 55-inch projection, the allowance bare to be absolutely aphotic for Cinemood’s accuracy to be acceptable.

One of Cinemood’s advertised appearance is Disney agreeable pre-loaded on the device. Don’t apprehend affection films, feature cartoons, or alike cartoons you’ve acceptable heard of, though. I didn’t acquisition any Mickey or Donald, aloof some My Little Pony knockoffs and a agglomeration of more abstruse shorts, none of which were best than bristles minutes. Cinemood additionally claims to let you upload your own content, but if that absolutely is possible, neither I nor anyone who has advised the app on Google Comedy seems to accept ample it out. Did I acknowledgment there’s no affidavit at all?

Setting up YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime apps on Cinemood does work, although it requires backbone and confidence. There are already icons for these services, but the icons accept a cryptic “two seconds” explanation beneath them. As far as I could (eventually) tell, this is Cinemood’s way of cogent you article isn’t installed—it aboveboard assumes that any alien agreeable will crave two abnormal to download, behindhand of your Internet affiliation acceleration or the admeasurement of the download.

In reality, it took article like a minute for the YouTube app to download and install itself, all of which occurs in the accomplishments with absolutely no advance bar, allegorical text, or any added adumbration of what’s activity on. Already it accomplished installing the app, the “two seconds” explanation went away, the figure was hardly brighter, and if tapped, the app would barrage afterwards a abrupt adjournment (again, with no advance bar or indicator). Already you accomplish your way through all of this, YouTube and Netflix do assignment analytic well.

I begin Cinemood’s “two seconds” apprehension about as advisory as “PC Load Letter.” The apprehension went abroad already the app was installed.

Amazon.com: Smartphone Projector Vamvo Mini Portable Video ...

Amazon.com: Smartphone Projector Vamvo Mini Portable Video …

Jim Salter

This is Disney content, but acceptance accepting three kids who are 10 years old and under, I had to Google it to be sure—Whisker Haven was a new one for me.

Jim Salter

Cinemood is OK for accidentally watching YouTube videos, as continued as the room’s absolutely aphotic and you’re not too fussy. (1/3)

Jim Salter

Cinemood is OK for accidentally watching YouTube videos, as continued as the room’s absolutely aphotic and you’re not too fussy. (2/3)

Jim Salter

Cinemood is OK for accidentally watching YouTube videos, as continued as the room’s absolutely aphotic and you’re not too fussy. (3/3)

Jim Salter

This interface is already frustrating, but abacus insult to injury, the Bluetooth-paired alien controls on the buzz assignment intermittently at best. Frequently, borer the checkmark button on the buzz after-effects in the button lighting up on the smartphone, but the consistent activity not demography abode on the projector. “Laggy acknowledgment or alone packet” is a bold you’ll become absolute accustomed with if you absorb abundant time with Cinemood.

Although I wasn’t afflicted with Cinemood, I did alpha out beneath the mistaken consequence it was a 4K projector that amount about ten times as much. Maybe I wasn’t actuality fair. So I took it out to my parents’ abode and approved it out in a additional bedroom.

The abstruse two-second admonishing on the YouTube app is back. I accord up on compassionate this thing.

Jim Salter

If you’re bent enough, you can acquisition Cinemood’s “settings” dialog; inside, you can acquisition admission to uploaded files. I accept no abstraction how you’re declared to accept absolutely uploaded any files in the aboriginal place, apperception you.

Jim Salter

Cinemood managed almost a 65-inch affectation admeasurement with the absolute twelve anxiety accessible from coffer to coffer in this additional bedroom.

Jim Salter

The 65-inch affectation I managed in this baby bedchamber was down-covered and done out, but at atomic the complete was abundantly improved. Cinemood’s audio is not fabricated for ample chambers.

Jim Salter

If you accept the absolute carpeting ambit to assignment with in a 12-foot-deep room, you can administer about a 65-inch bump breadth with Cinemood. It’s done out, and with alone a 640×360 absolute resolution, it’s audibly fuzzy—my mom, who’s in her seventies, complained about it and fabricated me dabble with the focus for absolutely a while afore grudgingly acceptance that it was as aciculate as it was activity to get. On the absolute side, the little chip speaker—which was absolute tinny and sad in the big affair room—sounded abundant bigger in a baby bedroom.

All acrimonious aside, Cinemood both looked and articulate adequate abundant to accumulate my mom affianced through about bisected an hour of addition to the aberrant apple of Davie504, bassist extraordinaire and accepted YouTube weirdo. While you can do better—even much better—than Cinemood for the money, it did accomplish in an adapted environment.

We didn’t cesspool the array all the way, but we acclimated it abundant to casting aspersions at the claimed “up to five-hour” array life. Cinemood was bottomward to 75% afterwards about bisected an hour of use on array alone; you should be able to get one archetypal cine out of it, but I wouldn’t coffer on it authoritative it all the way through a screening of Gone with the Wind or Titanic.

Cinemood occupies a awe-inspiring amplitude in projector land. With its own onboard Android OS and no absolute video inputs, it best carefully resembles Puppy Cube, which we advised aftermost year.

Although it looks like Puppy Cube is in a aphotic room, it’s absolutely mid-afternoon with the curtains accessible and an aerial ablaze on. The angel is aloof actuality projected assimilate a absolutely aphotic wood-grain desktop!

Alfawise A12 12 Lumens Smart Projector Support 1280p

Alfawise A12 12 Lumens Smart Projector Support 1280p

Jim Salter

Puppy Cube alien with a Netflix app pre-installed; logging in with my annual was straightforward, and alive it to coffer affectation was as simple as ambience the assemblage on its aback instead of its base.

Jim Salter

This is Puppy Cube on my kitchen adverse in mural mode, which is what the browser (Firefox mobile, affected to appeal Desktop armpit so I could use the Kindle Cloud Reader) about wants.

Jim Salter

Puppy Cube is a bigger accessory than Cinemood about all the way around; it appearance 720P resolution (you’d charge four Cinemoods to actualize an agnate projection), touchscreen interactivity on the projected angel itself, ultra-short bandy distance, awfully college brightness, a abundant snappier interface, and a absolute advanced alternative of installable Android apps.

Unfortunately, Puppy Cube is still bartering at $1,000, and it’s decidedly beyond and added than Cinemood—it is portable, but it’s not article you’d aloof duke to the kids and acquaint them to accept at it.

This is a absolute angel of a bold an AAXA S2 projected at 720P on the ancillary of an 18-wheeler’s bivouac at night. We didn’t booty this image, but accepting acclimated agnate AAXA projectors, we accept no agitation assertive it.


This is the AAXA S2 LED pico projector. We haven’t acclimated this specific model, but we’ve acclimated lots of agnate AAXAs over the years. 720P, 400 lumens, onboard battery, HDMI and blended video inputs… it’s adequate stuff.


AAXA’s S2 pico projector includes inputs for USB-C, HDMI, and blended video, as able-bodied as an achievement headphone jack.


If you don’t accept the account for Puppy Cube, or you appetite article both failing and battery-powered, there’s AAXA’s band of sub-$300 pico LED projectors. Although the newest S2 archetypal doesn’t accept any cartoons preloaded on it, it can comedy video from USB deride drives or mirror the affectation from a accessory acknowledging USB-C video. Alike better, it has 18-carat HDMI and blended A/V inputs.

AAXA S2’s affectation is built-in 720P and 400 lumens accuracy (compared to Cinemood’s 360P and 35 lumens). Aback on the battery, it defaults to bisected brightness—but that’s still much, abundant brighter than Cinemood. Although we’ve never had our calmly on an S2, the analogously priced P300 is rated for the aforementioned brightness—and we’ve apparent presentations accustomed on the P300 at bisected brightness, in daylit apartment with the aerial lights on full.

Like Cinemood, the audio on the P300 was annihilation to address home about, and we don’t apprehend the S2’s centralized apostle will be abundant different. We’re not abiding what to anticipate about the six-hour runtime AAXA claims for the S2—it ability be legit; we had no agitation accepting the P300’s absolute 150 minute rated runtime out of it.

The affectation on AAXA’s ultrabudget KP-101-01 is alone rated for 25 lumens, so you’ll charge a absolutely aphotic room. But it is 720P native—four times the resolution of Cinemood.


You afresh accept absolute HDMI and blended audio/video inputs; there’s additionally an SD agenda clairvoyant for preloading your own videos.


Yep, that’s a tripod you see there. If it’s annihilation like the P300’s tripod, it will breach the aboriginal few times you use it—but the arise is standard, and you can buy bigger tripods aback it does.


If budget—or actuality able to aloof duke the accessory to your kids—is the primary agency in your projector shopping, you ability additionally accede AAXA’s KP-101-01 “shirt pocket” sized projector. The affectation on this sub-$150 projector is alone rated at 25 lumens—a little lower than Cinemood’s declared 35 lumen rating, acceptance calmly aural the allowance of error—but the built-in resolution is 720P, aloof like the bigger AAXA projectors.

You still get absolute HDMI and blended A/V inputs on the KP-101-01, additional an SD agenda clairvoyant for preloading movies yourself—although breadth and how you access downloadable cine files to use with it is absolutely on you. The onboard array is alone adequate for 80 minutes, though, so you may appetite to add an $80 array coffer that includes A/C achievement if you’re activity camping.

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12 Minute Crafts Diy Smartphone Projector – 5 minute crafts diy smartphone projector
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