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Lesley Stahl is continuing in the aperture of her 60 Account office. “I’ve been cat-and-mouse for you,” she tells me, a adumbration of agitation in her voice. I am seven account backward and, as she reminds me, “We accept a lot to do.”

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She ushers me into a workspace blimp with the bits of her 28-year career at 60 Minutes. There are books, Emmys, photos. But I don’t get abundant of a adventitious to busybody around. “This is your alone attempt at my office,” Stahl says. Afresh she’s acquisition her things: coat, handbag, atramentous roller bag. And we’re off, active bottomward the anteroom to a tracking berth area she’ll almanac two curve of account for a articulation about the afflictive assurance almanac of U.S. railroads. She reads the curve three times. It takes her all of one minute.

Next, we are bridge West 57th Street to a flat area she’ll band an addition for a allotment about Nigerian refugees. On the way, she notices I don’t accept a band recorder, aloof a notebook. “You accepting all this?” she wants to know. A few account later, she’s perched on a stool in advanced of a greenscreen, demography affliction to adumbrate from the camera the bandaged pinkie feel on her appropriate hand. I ask her — not actively — if she bankrupt it on someone’s jaw. She laughs. “I wish! I ambition I punched somebody.” (She actually bankrupt it aftermost year, falling on the stairs at Cipriani Wall Street while emceeing a alms accident — a “mortifying” experience.) By 12:30, she’s done and affective on to a articulation about the Arab-language adaptation of Sesame Street, set to premiere in September and aimed at the Middle East’s millions of refugee children. But as we arch for the avenue to accomplish the drive to Henson Branch in Continued Island City, Queens, we apprehend a articulation calling afterwards us. “Hey!”

It’s Susan Zirinsky, broke in January as admiral of CBS News. Stahl and Zirinsky accept accepted anniversary added for added than 40 years; they both started at CBS News’ Washington agency in the aboriginal 1970s as the Watergate aspersion was unfolding. Zirinsky, who is accepted as a hoarder of mementos, leads us to her appointment and pulls her wallet out of her purse to retrieve a atom of yellowed paper. It’s a agenda that Stahl larboard on her board in the ’80s, during the Reagan administration. It was written, Zirinsky explains, afterwards a barbarous night during which she and Stahl were abolition a allotment for the Evening News. Neither can anamnesis what it was about, but they were accepting an account from producers in New York who were anxious they weren’t activity to accomplish air. “They were shrieking at us,” says Zirinsky. “It was ugly.”

The agenda reads: “Don’t cry. They are fuckers & we can accept a acceptable time. Honest.”

Later, as we’re active abroad from CBS News address in a atramentous Escalade, Stahl fills in some capacity about the note. “We acclimated to alarm them ‘the-assholes-in-New-York,’ like it was one word,” she says. “Every allotment was an argument. We had a lot of fights. And she’s a crier.”

She gives me a alongside glance and adds: “I wasn’t crying. I don’t cry.”


There are affluence of added things Stahl, 77, does not do. She does not sit, unless she is in a car activity to a story. She does not eat or alcohol anything. At atomic she didn’t during the bristles hours I spent with her. She does not outsource the airing to her producers.

“She doesn’t parachute in at the end,” says Rich Bonin, who has formed with Stahl at 60 Account aback 1995.

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She does not ache fools. She was already bedfast for four hours at the Tel Aviv airport because she banned to acquaint bound convoying agents why she was entering the country. (It was for a adventure about the settlements alfresco of Jerusalem.) 

And aback her daughter, Taylor, was built-in in 1977, she did not breast feed. “The men didn’t breast feed, we’re not activity to appearance up at the appointment and be altered from the men — we’re aloof not.”

Here are the things she does do. She gets on the buzz to book her own interviews. She prepares. Incessantly. “You usually apprehend the correspondents to apprehend like the aboriginal 10 pages of research,” says Shachar Bar-On, who has produced abounding of Stahl’s adopted stories. “But she will cull up in an account article from folio 37 — or 57.” 

She goes to the ends of the Earth for a story. In 2017, she went to the Arctic for a allotment about the antagonism for oil and mineral rights beneath the fast-melting sea ice. “We were on a block of ice that no animal had anytime set bottom on,” says Bonin. “And the abutting affair to a bath was a butt with a board toilet bench nailed on to it.” 

And she will accomplish herself at home if you acquaint her “the aperture is open.”

Two years ago, Stahl and her producers were alive on a adventure about the Remington 700 rifle, which was spontaneously battlefront and killing people. They abiding to account a gun buyer at his home. He told them if they accustomed afore him, aloof arch on in. “We’re in this guy’s kitchen,” recalls Bar-On. “And Lesley is abating being in the microwave, and being agitated and she was array of charwoman up. And he walks in and he’s like, ‘Well, this is surreal.'”


Stahl has anchored 640 pieces for 60 Account aback she abutting the appearance abounding time in 1991. Her ambit is eclectic: backroom (two interviews with Admiral Trump, a lacerating assay of Secretary of Apprenticeship Betsy DeVos); investigations (unprecedented admission central Guantanamo Bay bastille in 2013 becoming her the celebrated Edward R. Murrow Award); mogul sit-downs (Elon Musk in the deathwatch of his abandonment as administrator of Tesla and $20 actor adjustment with the SEC). In the Trump era — area all-inclusive swaths of the civic media are adherent to asthmatic advantage of the president’s petty mendacities and abundant of the newsmagazine antagonism continued ago afflicted to abomination belief — 60 Account stands out as a breastwork of calmness and purpose. And Stahl offers a account adept chic in the art of the TV interview, cutting bottomward obfuscating admiral and double-talking politicians with a blast of follow-ups. “She is a adamant reporter,” says controlling ambassador Bill Owens. “That is so important to the show.”

CBS News is arising from added than a year of uncertainty, spurred aboriginal by the adjournment of Charlie Rose and then, in September, the beauteous abatement of Leslie Moonves, the able CEO of CBS Corp. Abundant analysis fell on 60 Account in ample allotment because of Rose’s continued affiliation with the affairs but additionally because of the show’s awfully arduous environment. In a July New Yorker exposé by Ronan Farrow, 60 Account was characterized as a “toxic” appointment environment, with then-executive ambassador Jeff Fager singled out for enabling bad behavior and additionally accused of animal delinquency himself (which he has denied). Several women — and men — who appointment at the appearance acquaint me they were afflicted by what they acquainted was an arrant mischaracterization of their workplace. There were discussions about disseminating a letter of accessible abutment for Fager, whom Stahl dedicated in Farrow’s piece. “Jeff was not the being who was portrayed in The New Yorker,” she says. “Jeff was not a animal predator. He wasn’t.” (Fager was accursed in September for sending a advancing argument to CBS News contributor Jericka Duncan, who was advertisement out delinquency claims collapsed at him in a additional New Yorker piece.)



Still, Stahl tells me, the #MeToo reckoning all-embracing has fabricated her amend her own career and ascend up the media ladder. “My eyes accept been opened,” she admits. “There was an aspect of a boys club, alike for me. But I didn’t feel it at the time because I put blinders on. I adulation what I do. I’m able to focus on my work. And afresh I go home. But I accept had a little bit of an apprenticeship about myself.”


By the time Stahl got to 60 Minutes, she already had put in two trailblazing decades at CBS News. She abutting the arrangement in 1972 as an affirmative-action hire. “They were atrocious for women,” she says. Richard Nixon was active for reelection, and there was an odd break-in at Democratic Civic Committee address central the Watergate circuitous (where Stahl happened to live). At the time, she recalls, the adventure was advised a “nothing burger.” All of her acclimatized (as in male) colleagues were out on the attack trail. So the appointment editor beatific Stahl to the allegation of the Watergate burglars. “No camera, aloof me all by myself,” she remembers. “And I’m in the courtroom. And there’s one added anchorman in the courtroom.”

It was Bob Woodward; the two would date briefly and abide accompany to this day. “He kept adage to me, ‘You authority on to this story. This is a story.’ “

She did, and it was. And as the aspersion mushroomed, Stahl’s abidingness grew. She staked out John Dean’s house. Aback he wouldn’t appear to the door, she shouted questions at him through his mail slot. She chased Alexander Haig from a audition allowance until aldermanic aegis tossed her to the ground. “They best me up and threw me,” she recalls. But it was on grass, so she wasn’t hurt. “I aloof got up,” she shrugs.

Stahl filed a alternation of scoops, logging added time on the CBS Evening News, which was afresh watched by about 30 actor bodies anniversary night. By 1977, she was called White Abode contributor and ballast of CBS Morning News, alone the third changeable ballast at the arrangement (Dorothy Doan and Sally Quinn preceded her). In 1983, Stahl became host of Face the Nation, transforming the then-30-year-old Washington basic from a genteel altercation affairs into a bare-knuckle debate. She additionally had a adolescent adolescent at home (her babe is an L.A.-based blur and TV ambassador who is co-producing M. Night Shyamalan’s cerebral abstruseness alternation for Apple). “It was crazy, I was crazy,” Stahl says now. She was alive about every day; prepping for her Sunday appearance on Saturday. But she didn’t attempt with the answerability that haunts so abounding alive mothers, she says. “I consistently said to my daughter, ‘A little of me goes a continued way,’ ” she recalls with a laugh.

It helped that her husband, Aaron Latham, a acclaimed annual announcer (he wrote the Esquire article that was the base for the blur Urban Cowboy), accepted the rigors of the profession. Still, the sexism of the time was systemic. And so was the competitiveness. “Everyone is advancing and absolute [at 60 Minutes],” says Bonin. “We all accept our work-life antithesis out of balance, all of us. Nothing is accustomed to you, whether you’re a man or a woman. You accept to be first, you accept to be fast, and you accept to be tenacious.” He adds, “I anticipate Lesley was built-in that way.”

But she still bare a abutment system. And aboriginal on, she accumulated a klatch of adolescent antecedents — NPR’s Nina Totenberg and Linda Wertheimer, arcane abettor Esther Newberg, U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood, prosecutor Linda Fairstein, columnist Anna Quindlen — for approved lunches, which abide to this day. “We bare to accept a changeable conversation,” Stahl says.

And she is acutely acquainted of the charge for the accepted reckoning. She recalls a chat she had with a changeable ambassador on her aggregation in the mid-1990s. “We were on a story, in the car together. She told me how abashed she was to ask for time off to go to a soccer bout or booty her kid to the doctor. And I said, ‘What?! You’re abashed of me?’ She said, ‘Yeah, because I anticipate you’ll anticipate I’m not as accessible as the guys.’ I was actually stunned. I came to CBS News in 1972 and that was an issue. And aback I had my adolescent in 1977 it was an issue. And that it was still an affair in 1994 aloof blew me over. That was able-bodied accomplished the time that that should accept been afraid out of alive mothers’ minds. 



“My bearing acquainted that we bare to prove that we were absolutely like the men in every way,” she continues. “That we were as available, could go anywhere, awning any subject, do it as able-bodied as the men. We were the provers.”


Stahl stands on an angel box at a ample board glue- and paint-stained ability table at Henson Workshop. Across from her are two Sesame Street producers and amid them are three Muppet stars of the accessible Middle East adaptation of the show. The branch is quiet; boob makers accept been asked not to allocution or move about while 60 Account ambassador Shari Finkelstein and her aggregation shoot the interview. Stahl has afflicted out of flats and into a low heel. Her questions are printed on chicken cardboard in ample font. She underlines questions, authoritative addendum in the margins. Afterwards about an hour, Finkelstein calls for a break.

“The agents needs to accomplish some noise,” she says.

Stahl does not booty a break. She stays perched on her angel box. Bristles account later, the cameras are rolling again. Afterwards addition 30 account of questions and a few account to get acknowledgment and alert shots, the shoot wraps. And we’re in the Escalade again, branch to Manhattan. Leaning aback in the accoutrement seat, she gets a bit added claimed and discusses her hair. Specifically, the time 60 Account architect Don Hewitt told her how abundant he hated it. “You attending like Nancy Reagan,” she remembers him adage as he anesthetized her the agenda of a beautician who could help. “I wasn’t young, I was seasoned,” she says. “And I afraid myself by bedlam it off. Bristles years before, I would accept been, ‘You can’t allocution to me like that, I’m a feminist!'”

She pauses. “But you know, I’ve consistently aloof capital to break in the game. I consistently admired what I was doing, admired accoutrement the White House, admired accomplishing Face the Nation. From the minute I got into journalism, my capital ambition was aloof to survive. And I deathwatch up now and say, ‘Oh my God! You did. You did survive.’ “

A adaptation of this adventure aboriginal appeared in the April 11 affair of The Hollywood Anchorman magazine. To accept the magazine, bang actuality to subscribe.

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