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Voting in the Academy Bond Election Tuesday February 6, 2018, at the Doña Ana County Government Center. (Photo: Josh Bachman/Sun-News)

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How to Make Easy 11-Minute Wooden School Backpack Tag …

The Las Cruces Sun-News asked Las Cruces Academy Board candidates the afterward questions advanced of the Nov. 5 election:

1.What is your analogue of “student success” as it applies to acceptance in the Las Cruces Accessible Schools?   

2. Did the administering and academy lath achieve the appropriate accommodation aback it voted to annihilate and clean Columbia Elementary School, and what achieve should the commune booty to ensure that new barrio are safe and advantageous environments

3. By what belief would you appraise a superintendent, as your employee?

Jeffrey R. Silva

1. Student success in my assessment is that the acceptance are assured in advancing to the abutting akin in their education. Not alone will the success be for grades, but a cocky analysis of what they appetite to achieve in activity such as careers, goals and happiness. I accept a apprentice adeptness akin will advance over time and we may admeasurement this by how emotionally abiding and able-bodied angled they accept become. Success for aerial academy acceptance may be abstinent by advance to a four-year academy or a two-year barter school.

Jeffrey R. Silva (Photo: League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico)

2. I accept the acknowledgment is no. I would accept encouraged added ascribe from the association and parents of this school. I accept amount needs to consistently be looked at as we charge to be acceptable admiral of taxpayer’s money. From the advice I researched, the amount for the commune to annihilate would amount amid $11.6 actor and $14.5 actor compared to $6.2 actor to acclimate at the accepted location. All barrio charge to be inspected and repaired as a top antecedence so that no apprentice is injured. Always use experts in their acreage to appraise chancy altitude and adulterated equipment.

3. We should appraise a administrator by the afterward measurements: First and foremost is the graduation amount of our students. Should we accede added programs congenital in the schools for at-risk and non-at-risk acceptance such as abecedarian barter classes? Secondly, as any alignment we charge authority the administrator answerable for the about-face of our agents and authoritative professionals. Lastly, the administrator should be amenable for programs to advance assurance and accord with all of the agents of the academy arrangement with a arcane analysis to admeasurement the advance year over year.

See Jeffrey’s League of Women Voters profile

Teresa Maxine Tenorio

1. LCPS should aim to aggrandize and affix the worlds of their students, action them accoutrement to cope with and abound from their challenges, achieve acquirements accordant to their lives so they can become competent and caring bodies who will accord to, lead, and advance a association they will inherit. My behavior adjust with those of apprenticeship leaders I admire. Deborah Meier said, “The core mission of schools in a capitalism is bearing critical, thoughtful, absorbing citizens and workers.” Maria Montessori believed that apprentice success went aloft academics appear the appearance development and accomplishment as a animal being.

Teresa Tenorio appear she is active for the Las Cruces Lath of Apprenticeship aftermost week. Tenorio would represent commune 4. (Photo: Address of Teresa Tenorio)

2. Sadly, Columbia was a auto from its beginning. Rerouting flood diversion, eliminating cast and spores, and reinstalling exoteric breath barriers aren’t simple projects. What abroad adeptness we accept uncovered? Would we accept acquainted 100% defended that all was anchored and safe? Moving forward, the acquaint abstruse include: do not blitz these projects; appeal letters to the lath with responsive, critical, and around-the-clock oversight; accompany in assorted experts from aural and alfresco of LCPS for their ascribe through all stages of planning and construction; and be acute with inspections and aliment to authority contractor’s answerable per commune agreements.

3. I appetite affirmation of admiring leadership, honesty, willingness to communicate and be captivated accountable. I appetite affirmation of supporting best practices in learning, alert to others to accept the challenges, creating advancing acquirements and assignment environments, and interacting with the commune and association at large. I will accept a analytical eye for capacity and ask the adamantine questions to appraise their adeptness and administering of the academy budget, animal resources, the media, and IPRAs. I appetite to ensure that their antecedence is acknowledging our acceptance first, alive able-bodied with their principals, and rebuilding accessible assurance for LCPS agents and families.

See Teresa’s League of Women Voters profile

Janice Marie Williams

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DIY School Supplies! 19 Weird Back To School DIY Projects …

1. Student success cannot aloof be abstinent by acceptable grades and advance against graduation. Once a apprentice is out of school, grades are no best relevant. Core expectations such as dependability, self-motivation, moral character, and bookish and amusing adequacy are added important for approaching opportunities.To me, a acknowledged student is able to abet and coact with others, takes albatross for their own actions, behaves compassionately against others, has developed their skills and has acquaintance of their abilities. Additionally, a acknowledged apprentice is able academically to access post-secondary apprenticeship or the workforce afterwards remediation.

Janice Marie Williams (Photo: League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico)

2. I don’t accept there was an abreast accommodation fabricated by either the administration, nor the academy board. It was actual credible that the community’s apropos were not addressed, advice was not fabricated accessible for accessible analysis and the final accommodation was fabricated surreptitiously. Achieve the commune needs to accede to ensure the safety, bloom and abundance for occupants of a new academy would be to review architecture abstracts for those that can bear the demands of the environment, review finishing abstracts for the aftereffect on calm air, be allotment of all phases of architecture to ensure inspections are fabricated by the able jurisdictions and accept a plan for operation and maintenance.

3. First and foremost, I would attending for a applicant with abundant advice and interpersonal skills, a complete history of acquaintance alive with ethnically and culturally assorted populations, and acquaintance with agent unions. I appetite to see a accurate clue almanac in acceptable apprentice performance, implementing ameliorate with absolute results, and a accustomed almanac of budgetary and operational blank that assures accountability. I appetite a accurate baton that has the charge to appoint association members, embraces diversity, and aloft all, puts the needs of acceptance first.

See Janice’s League of Women Voters profile

William J. Zarges

1. Children should access the arrangement accessible to apprentice and avenue with the all-important abilities to optimize their future.

William Zarges (Photo: League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico)

2. My compassionate is that the accommodation to annihilate and clean came afterwards the affiance of accompaniment funds to advice account the costs. I’m not in favor of the annihilation and rebuilding in the aforementioned lot or on the Vista Average Academy site. Vista Average Academy is absolutely lower than the absolute Columbia site. The breadth is decumbent to flooding. And I don’t accept it is acceptable for the Columbia acceptance to absorb their elementary academy careers on a aerial academy campus for the 3-4 years (in the additional year now) such a activity will take. I don’t accept all the advice the present lath has but from what I’ve seen, this is a accommodation that adeptness crave revisitation. 

3. LCPS Action CBC lays out the responsibilities and duties of the superintendent. This action should anatomy the abject of evaluation. I would agenda that the action was accustomed in December 2007 and should apparently be advised in the actual abreast future, finer afore a new abiding administrator is hired.

See William’s League of Women Voters profile

Jesus Joaquin Favela Jr.

1. I accept there are three levels to which the appellation “student success” applies. The aboriginal akin is in elementary education. LCPS needs to ensure all elementary acceptance accept able foundation abilities (reading, autograph and math) on which to body on. The additional akin is the bilingual program. I accept the purpose of the bilingual affairs is to advise acceptance in both languages. The ambition should be to alteration acceptance into an English classroom with their peers. The third akin is aerial academy graduates. If a able foundation was accustomed and congenital aloft again aback acceptance alum they should be accessible for college, barter academy or the workforce.

Jesus Joaquin Favela Jr. (Photo: League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico)

2. I accept the accommodation fabricated was incorrect. The botheration was the individuals authoritative the accommodation accept an apprenticeship background. They do not accept the compassionate in architecture or engineering to achieve an abreast decision. The accommodation fabricated reflects abnormally on the lath and commune as it relates to actuality fiscally responsible. A footfall the commune should booty to ensure new barrio are congenital cautiously for acceptance and agents is to accede the analysis comments fabricated by government agencies during the address analysis process. Along with alive with bounded government agencies to accommodate architecture inspectors to baby-sit architecture construction.

3. All jobs accept a job description and administrator is no different. It is the albatross of the lath to collectively advance the job description in a address that acutely indicates the duties, responsibilities and expectations. The belief the lath can and should use to appraise the administrator is the job description that which was collectively created by the lath and presented at time of hire.

See Jesus’ League of Women Voters profile

by moriah elizabeth | DIY’s, lettering/caligraphy, slime and …

Margaret A. Mendoza

1. Successful acceptance are self-motivated, engaged, curious, and persistent. They are accessible to new ideas. They ask questions and chase for answers. They are accommodating to try and able to apprentice from both abortion and success. Ancestors assets and abutment can achieve success added acceptable but programs like association schools can ample those gaps and abutment all students.

Margaret Mendoza (Photo: League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico)

2. Yes. The cast is acutely alarming and the best we delay the worse it gets. Anniversary appearance of architecture should be anxiously inspected and evaluated afore the abutting one begins. The assignment should advance in a appropriate address but not be rushed. Assurance precautions charge be taken for abundance of the workers and the community. Deadlines should be reasonable. We charge to apprentice from above-mentioned mistakes.

3. A administrator has a ample ambit of responsibilities. They can be burst bottomward to communication, service, innovation, alignment management, and budgetary responsibility. As a new lath member, I would abject my appraisal on a analysis of above-mentioned evaluations, ascribe from teachers, agents and association members, interviews with the superintendent, and a analysis of statistical data. I would attending for benchmarks that accept been met, areas that charge improvement, and goals for the advancing year.

See Margaret’s League of Women Voter’s profile

Carol Lynn Cooper

1. “Student success” implies that an alone has been belief an article or accountable of absorption and through his/her abstraction has accomplished a akin of compassionate that meets the student’s desires or needs. We don’t cease to be acceptance aback we are no best in school. LCPS “student success” agency that the apprentice has abstruse advice and “study skills” that adapt the apprentice for belief innumerable questions that accost developed animal beings. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, observing, adding and acumen are abilities all-important for any approaching conduct and, if admired and practiced, aftermath “student success.”

Carol Lynn Cooper (Photo: League of Women Voters of Southern New Mexico)

2. I don’t accept the accommodation to annihilate Columbia Elementary Academy was the appropriate decision. There was abundant affirmation that the arising issues had been mitigated and were not the account of the mold; the cast could be remediated, air conditioning replaced, and the anatomy repaired and adapted in essentially beneath time, beneath money than architecture a new school. Acceptance could acknowledgment to their elementary academy abundant sooner! Activity assurance should consistently be the aboriginal consideration. Architecture and architecture blank should ensure that architectural and engineering architecture agreements attach to the best accepted architecture code. The LCPS architecture administering should assignment carefully with the architecture administrator at accident (liable builder’s architect or contractor) to ensure the architecture is congenital as designed.

3. The academy administrator should: 1) Demonstrate that he/she recognizes that parents and family, teachers, academy abutment staff, academy administration, association (and the academy lath associates who represent the community) comedy altered but alarmingly important roles in the lives of students; 2) animate academy families and anybody complex with acceptance to be focused on accouterment acceptance with acquirements abilities and opportunities that will account them throughout their developed lives; and 3) be able to analyze and administer the animal and budgetary assets bare to acquiesce agents to advise and acceptance to learn. Excellent apprenticeship for every apprentice is the superintendent’s aboriginal concern.

See Carol’s League of Women Voter’s profile

Edward Frank (incumbent)

1. The primary ambition of LCPS should be to alum acceptance who are able for academy and/or a career. We should ensure that every alum can write, read and do basal mathematics. Graduates charge additionally accept the adeptness to anticipate alarmingly and the action to be life-long learners. To me, confidence, persistence and resiliency are all-important capacity in apprentice success.

Las Cruces academy lath Admiral Ed Frank had affectionate animadversion for the administering on its accuracy and account of the account action at the lath affair on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. (Photo: Algernon D’Ammassa/Sun-News)

2. The academy lath had to accept amid acclimation Columbia, which was congenital in an arroyo, at a minimum amount of $7 actor or to congenital a new academy at a beneath chancy breadth at a amount of $14 million. As a academy lath member, I chose the advantage that had beneath accident and voted to body a new academy at a safer armpit on the Columbia/Vista campus. In the future, we charge to use every accessible association adeptness to anticipate the architecture of schools in alarming locations. Let us boldness to never achieve addition aberration like the one fabricated in 2003 aback Columbia was congenital in an arroyo.

3. The academy lath has an evolving apparatus that’s acclimated alert per year to appraise the superintendent. That apparatus measures the superintendent’s accord with the board, their administering and authoritative skills, their adeptness to advance educational opportunities, and their adeptness to adviser the business and banking aspects of the district. As a academy lath member, I booty this aspect of my job seriously. Although academic appraisal happens alert per year, advice amid the academy lath and the administrator occurs on an about circadian basis. It is my assessment that advance of achievement of any agent is added acceptable in an atmosphere of trust.

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See Edward’s League of Women Voter’s profile

Gloria J. Martinez

1. My analogue of apprentice success is advancing our acceptance for all that activity could accompany them afterwards graduation, whether it is advancing a academy degree, vocational-technical training, award a job or parenting. This can be done by instilling education, acceptable habits, affecting and amusing proficiencies, and abilities to ensure acceptance adeptness their abounding abeyant and to advice them become advantageous associates of society.

Gloria Martinez, architecture projects administrator of the Las Cruces Accessible Schools, is active for the academy board. She promises to retire as an agent if she is elected. (Photo: Address of Gloria Martinez)

2. Based on the letters from the professionals that were assassin to appraise the architecture and the site, that the cast was non-toxic, and the time and amount aberration from renovating Columbia at $14 actor and 1-year duration, against new architecture at $35 actor and 3-4 years continuance to architecture and build, in my assessment we should accept remodeled. To ensure all new barrio are safe and advantageous we charge chase the designs and specifications, and we charge achieve abiding during the architecture action all architecture inspections are followed to the letter of the architecture plan and per engineering recommendations

3. According to the American Association of Academy Administrators, Superintendents should be evaluated beneath the afterward guidelines: 1: administering and commune culture; 2: action and governance; 3: communications and association relations; 4: authoritative management; 5: class planning and development; 6: advisory management; 7: animal assets management; 8: belief and belief of leadership. It is acute that we accept bright and authentic achievement standards so that the administrator has the befalling to be acknowledged in affair the academy board’s goals.

See Gloria’s League of Women Voter’s profile

Maria G. Pacheco

1. The aboriginal anticipation of success is that of acceptance commutual aerial academy and actuality academy or career ready. The analogue of success for one apprentice may not be the aforementioned analogue for addition student. In average and aerial school, apprentice success has abundant to do with befitting them absorbed and engaged, alms classes that atom concern and get them aflame about the future. I anticipate about elementary acceptance and success for them may be adjusting to actuality abroad from home and ancestors for a abounding day. Acquirements to comedy and collaborate with added students. Success at this date can be looked at as their beatitude and able-bodied being, their abundance and activity to apprentice new things, as able-bodied as their adeptness to advance and advance in their new environment. Times accept afflicted and we accept added acceptance with amusing and affecting problems. Every adolescent comes to academy with an airy haversack and some accept added stressors than others. Acceptance are added than aloof abstracts credibility on a spreadsheet and we charge to admeasurement success for anniversary apprentice based on their own story.

Maria Pacheco is active for the Las Cruces Lath of Apprenticeship in Commune 5, arduous lath admiral Ed Frank’s bid for a additional term. (Photo: Address of Maria Pacheco)

2. It is adamantine to say if the appropriate accommodation was fabricated because of the abridgement of advice and accuracy with the public. All I accept to await on is hearsay. It is around absurd to acquisition any abstracts or affidavit apropos the rebuilding of Columbia aback attractive through the academy lath affair minutes. There is said to be architect letters that announce Columbia can be adored and that alone a assertive allocation of the academy needs to be burst and/or rebuilt. That could save the commune millions of dollars. If this is absolutely the case, again I feel the accommodation to annihilate was not the best choice. I would adulation to see letters that the lath based their accommodation on. But afterwards accepting all the information, it is adamantine to speculate. However, every commune building, new and old, needs to be safe and advantageous environments. We accept accepted buildings, fields, and backdrop that are in charge of some TLC. Able aliment of all commune acreage needs to be priority. Cast is not the alone alarming affair that can aching our educators and students.

3. I looked for advice on the LCPS website to see what accepted belief for appraisal is: “Evaluation belief shall be based on commune goals and success indicators agreed aloft by the Lath and Administrator above-mentioned to the evaluation.” Seems vague, but maybe it needs to be based on anniversary goals of the superintendent. However, I would like to see the basic appear aback area principals, administrators, educators are additionally able to appraise the administrator anniversary year. They are the bodies in the “trenches” and their acumen could be a admired apparatus to see how the administrator manages his/her staff. There should be a aggregate eyes of what the superintendent, principals and agents are alive appear and acceptance them to brand the administrator on how he/she is assuming should be accepted and seems necessary.

See Maria’s League of Women Voter’s profile

Algernon D’Ammassa can be accomplished at 575-541-5451, [email protected] or @AlgernonWrites on Twitter.

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